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Test Your Flu IQ - Myth vs. Fact 
Dr. Bob Rauner Named Nebraska
Family Physician of the Year.
Dr. Bob Rauner, President of Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln, will be honored this spring at the State Capitol as the 2020 Family Physician of the Year. The award is given annually to a family physician who exemplifies a compassionate commitment to improving the health and well-being of the people and communities throughout Nebraska.
Streets Alive! Online Bike Winners

Pictured are two happy Streets Alive! Online Scavenger Bingo bike winners with their chosen prizes. Thanks to a donation from the Lincoln Bike Kitchen, they went home with the bikes of their choice, a helmet, and a bike lock.

You can still watch our Streets Alive! Online event at this link, because we recorded it!
Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health, wellness, and fitness of Lincoln's children, families, and seniors.

We work to improve wellness policies and conduct community level health research. We collaborate with community partners to promote healthy weights with good nutrition and beverage choices, increase fitness, support breastfeeding, and improve patient outcomes by increasing cancer and vaccination rates, improving chronic disease management, and standardizing clinical practices. During public health crises like the COVID 19 pandemic, we help to protect community health by providing science and evidence-based information. 

Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln also works to improve health equity in our community, addressing disparities among racial and ethnic populations with the highest burden of chronic disease.  Systemic racism is also a threat to community health. We stand in solidarity with everyone who is fighting for greater equality and justice for all.

 Partnership for a Healthy Lincoln
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Phone: (402) 430-9940     
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