~ Canadian Wind Upon The Prairie ~

In late Summer we received a call from Nashville. Producer/Engineer/Guitarist, Colin Linden, was making the beginning arrangements for tracking Bruce Cockburn's newest set of material. Bruce, Colin, and the team were looking for a raw, real, cerebral environment to work in. Prairie Sun's Studio C, with its organic acoustics, "clubhouse" style recording environment, and vintage Neve console, fit their needs perfectly. The next thing you know musicians are being hired, plane tickets are being purchased, and a production team is being gathered. Tracked by Prairie Sun's chief engineer, Matt Wright, the songs are natural anthems, built on the foundation of rock solid songwriting, and the magnificent guitar work of Bruce Cockburn. Producer, Colin Linden, an accomplished guitarist, producer, and songwriter, in his own right was drawn to Prairie Sun for the amazing roster of gear, unique studio layout, and natural beauty surrounding the studios. Colin's career includes work with The Band's Rick Danko, Garth Hudson, and Levon Helm, Bob Dylan, Lucinda Williams, and many other noteworthy american roots artists. Joining Bruce, and Colin for tracking were drummer Gary Craig(Anne Murray, Jann Arden, Tom Cochrane, Blackie & The Rodeo Kings...), bassist John Dymond(Kathleen Edwards, Paul Reddick, K.D. Lang...) and trumpeter Ron Miles(Bill Frisell, Fred Hess, Joe Henry...). We are absolutely ecstatic with the material recorded,and can't wait for the albums release. Keep your ears out for this one; it's going to be a real gem!

~   Prairie Cat  ~

Cat McLean is one of our favorite artists to work with. Besides being an exceptional guitarist, Cat is a talented arranger, producer, and human being. Her upcoming album, "(Secret Title)," is a departure from her former, guitar based, records, with heavy use of synthesizers, vocals, and electronics. Though still fertile with guitar work, the album is extremely eclectic, with styles ranging from americana to industrial. Providing some of the hardest hitting skin work on the planet, Prairie Prince is joining Cat, drumming for the upcoming release. Prairie's expansive career began with The Tubes, and includes work with the likes of Todd Rundgren, Brian Eno, George Harrison, Dick Dale, and Glenn Frey, just to name a few. Cat continues to choose Prairie Sun for it's extensive collection of vintage gear, down to earth vibe, and staff, dedicated to quality. Other than Prairie Prince's fine drum work, Cat is the sole musician on this album, playing guitar, keys, bass, and percussion. The album even includes a tribute to everyones favorite arrow eared, hyper intelligent, space alien, Star Trek's Spock. So space travelers, desert nomads, amphibians of the Pacific Northwest, vintage train enthusiasts, and people of Spanish Catalonia, please go give Cat a "Like" on Facebook, and, as always, keep your ears to the ground for the release of Cat's upcoming, secretly titled, album. 

~ A Kat of A Different Color ~

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Some may say that life is nothing more than the painting of a pageant, on the canvas of humanity. This may lead one to ask, "What is the highest form of life?" and one may answer, "Art." The universe of Kat Robichaud holds true to this audacious statement, with her 'Misfit Cabaret,' and 'The Darling Misfits;' an engaging, and absurdist look into the human(and sometimes inhuman) condition. Kat's latest project was tracked in Prairie Sun's Studio C, and mixed in Prairie Sun's Studio A by Prairie Sun veteran Andrew Mastroni. Kat takes a theatrical approach to her songwriting, combining poetic lyrics, and stunning sonics, to match her visually evocative live performances. To hear more about Kat, and why she chose Prairie Sun, click on the picture above.

A note on Andrew Mastroni - A multi-year alumni of Prairie Sun, Andrew is a talented engineer, producer, and musician. From his brain child, "Medicine Bug,' combining comedy, music, and theatrics, to his production work with Kat, Andrew Levin, and many others, we can't say enough good things about Andrew. Need a Producer? Need an Engineer? Contact Andrew at: [email protected]

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