Community E-News | 05.15.2020
Board Update - Amenities & COVID 19
Dear Residents,
As the heat of the summer is moving closer each day, we are starting to get questions asking about the opening of our community pools.
While the Governor’s orders from earlier this month allowed pools to reopen, keep in mind that our pools do not normally open until the end of May in a typical season. These orders also included new guidelines for community pools.
The new guidelines set by authorities raise several liabilities for the Association, and in turn, its residents and Board. We must create a solution for these in order for the pools to open. This includes guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) as well as those imposed by the State of Texas and the City of Frisco and Collin County .
Per the new orders, we may only allow a total capacity of 25% while maintaining social distancing guidelines both in and out of the pool, as well as provide constant cleaning of high-touch surfaces which would include gates, furniture, doors, and restrooms (some after each use). If these standards are not met, the Association could be forced to close the pools and be fined by local authorities. 
As the pool in our community is not actively managed with on-site staff or pool monitors, this presents a challenge for the Association, as this is not an expense that is budgeted for and can be very costly to provide during all open pool hours.
Understanding the risk associated with COVID-19 and the “new normal” we are faced with, the Board of Directors is working closely with CCMC’s management team and executive leadership team to provide an action plan on what our next steps are. We are also in constant communication with the Association’s attorney, who is providing us further guidance to limit exposure to the Association and its residents.
Our priority is the safety and well being of those utilizing our amenities. While we cannot predict an opening date at this time, we are working on a plan to do so in a safe manner, while complying with all local, state and national guidelines. Once these have been addressed, we will work with our management team to begin our pool season.
We would like nothing more than to see our residents and families enjoying the amenities; however, we need to do so safely and responsibly.
If you should have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our community manager, Jamie Patterson, CMCA, CCMC Community Manager, at

Thank you,
Prairie View Homeowner Association
Board of Directors

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