Board of Directors
The Community vote closed on Friday, September 29. The election results and new Board of Directors were announced last evening during a Special Meeting via Zoom. You can view the recorded meeting on the community website under Board of Directors Election.

The official results verified by VOTEHOANOW :
439 Members
197 Members voted
45% of the Members voted

Candidate votes results:
Ben West 144 votes
Rajesh Kapoor 142 votes
Linda Merritt 114 votes
Ben Day 113 votes
Giriprasad Gurramkonda 110 votes
Grayce Bernard 97 votes
Irene Strompoulakos 66 votes
James Townsend 57 votes

Write in Candidates:
Lakshmi L Pathiwada 1 vote
Nagi Karri 1 vote

Quorum Only: 1 vote
Assessment Updates
Fourth Quarter Assessments
Q4 Assessments are due as of October 1. There is a 30 day grace period before late fees and interest is applied as per the collection policy for the Association. You should have received a statement in September with any amounts due. You can now view your account in real time via the new Resident Portal. Please let us know if you need help with your login.

Union Bank Merger & Outage  
During the month of October, the bank for the HOA, Union Bank, will merge with Pacific Western Bank. Starting Friday, October 8th at 8:00 pm ET through October 11th (a banking holiday) Union Bank will go offline and homeowner payment link services will NOT be available.
Pacific Western Bank anticipates all systems to be restored and fully operational by Tuesday, October 12th at 8:00 am ET, and starting that day you can access Pacific Western Bank.
Following the merge, you will still be able to mail all payments to the PO Box on your statement. Owners who are on direct debit or ACH will have NO IMPACT and will not need to make any changes.
Amenity Updates
As we are entering the fall and winter months, the community pool is now closed. The pool will reopen in May/June of 2022.

With the cooler weather, you may wish to sit and enjoy the outdoor fireplace at the amenity center. All repairs have been made and the fireplace is working well. Simply turn the gas ON and turn the timer past the 10 minute marker. Please be sure the gas is OFF and the fire is out before you leave the area unattended.
We have adjusted the light timers to account for the earlier sunset.

If you should have any issues or questions, please feel free to reach out to our Community Manager,

Thank you,
Prairie View Homeowner Association
Board of Directors
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