A Note from Scott and Marsha
July 29, 2021
OK...we are ready for the first "false" fall of NC. It's just soooo hot this week. We recently vacationed with our WITTLE WOVE, and this is Scott melting (from the heat and his love for Halle). Someone wrote recently, "Time is a thief". What a true statement that seems to be as Halle is growing so quickly. We need to make every day FUN!

Not very often does Scott try to pull pranks on someone. So far, he has tried to scare Viridian and has failed. I think Viridian feels special because Scott would only do this with someone he sincerely enjoys. And that is very true because Viridian is just easy to work with and adored by everyone.  Amanda asked why her never pranks her. I said, "Because he is scared of you!"

A week ago, it was a Friday afternoon and Scott wandered downstairs giving AmberLeigh a hard time because she was "leaving" an hour ago. But she was doing all "the things" and well, she is simply dedicated and another Rockstar. 

Scott is chatting away with us and then he hears someone in the bathroom. Little did we know, he slips down the hallway and waits around the corner. Here is his chance to scare Viridian! 

He waits quietly.  The door squeaks opens and as he hears feet at the corner, he jumps out!  

We hear two people respond unexpectedly with a yell. Why? Because it was Emily, one of The Potting Shed staff, who came to the house to pick up extra paper towels and napkins! Mind you, we don't often see this team, so it was quite a surprise for Scott. This made it even funnier.  

Scott turns eight shades of red explaining himself, and Emily was dying with laughter. She was a good sport about it. I don't know who thought it was funnier: Scott, Emily, or Viridian when we recounted the story back to her!  

He is the best actually. Where Scott has his failings (like this prank), he makes up for it in good humor and fun. Did someone say Good Humor? We don't have Good Humor ice cream bars but we do have Sunset Slush on a hot, humid, MISERABLE day on the weekends. And plants. We do have some plants. Just a few. But you can certainly find one you like, I'm sure. See you soon! 
Rent Our Event Space
Are you looking for a unique place to host your special event? The Robin's Nest is a PERFECT spot for cozy, intimate events. We LOVE to host:

~Graduation Parties
~Baby and Bridal Showers
~Birthday Parties
~Work Gatherings
~Holiday Parties
and more!

Booking NOW for late summer and fall events. Click here for more information!
Pothos is one of our favorite houseplants. It's easy to care for and oh-so-forgiving. There are multiple varieties of Pothos to chose from--Pearls and Jade, Golden, Neon, Manjula, Cebu Blue and more! Pothos has a vining growth habit and you can train it to grow along practically any surface in your home. Allow it to dry out between watering (and if you forget about it for a while, it will likely forgive you). Pothos can handle a variety of light conditions and can even handle low light. Do you see why we love this plant so much?
If you are in the market for a summer stunner, Perennial Hibiscus is the ticket. The huge, prolific blooms are absolutely gorgeous and surrounded by lush green foliage. Perennial Hibiscus will love the wet spots in your lawn or garden. If you plant it in a not-so-wet spot, make sure that you water it well. Plant in full to part-sun for the best bloom production. In the late fall/winter, you can cut it back to the ground and it will grow back beautifully the next year.
Osmanthus Fragrans is most loved for its fall-blooming, sweet-smelling, tiny flowers. You may know of this shrub by its more common names, Tea Olive or Fragrant Tea Olive. Whatever you call it, you will also be delighted by the dense, evergreen foliage. We love that this variety is drought-resistant, making it ideal for our hot and sometimes dry summers. The Osmanthus Fragrans can grow up to 20 feet tall and 10 feet wide!
Kid-Friendly Scavenger Hunt
Saturday, August 7
We wanted to celebrate “P’s Pages by the Pond”, and what better way than to celebrate with National Day of Unplugging’s Gnome-themed Scavenger Hunt?
The event is self-guided and you can stop by any time during our regular hours of 9AM-5PM to play at your own pace! All the clues will be hidden on FGS property, and the first clue will be found inside the Little Free Library. Don’t forget to look for Petunia’s 6 “gnomies” who like to hide throughout the Garden Center!
This event is FREE to attend and open to all ages (but geared towards ages 6-12)! Sign up here so we know how many clues to print!
Have some books you’d like to donate? Bring a bag and receive a coupon for $2/off Sunset Slush!
The Potting Shed will be open as normal, from 12PM-4:30PM! Feel free to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy by the pond! When you leave, check out other Little Free Libraries in the area. You may have one right around the corner and not know it!
THIS Sunday, August 1, 11AM
Did you know that the giant flower on sunflowers is made up of many tiny blooms? The center of the sunflower, where the seeds develop, is made up of tiny blossoms that bees love!
In this class, we will learn about sunflowers and how to arrange them in your home.
Fee is $35 – includes all supplies, a mimosa, and a breakfast pastry!
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Lindsay Valdez, FGS Associate
Thursday, August 12, 6PM
Is your plant dying and you want to save it? Do you want to multiply your plants without spending money on new ones? Do you love watching plants thrive under your care? Then learning how to propagate your plants is just what you need! This class will cover the basics of propagating different types of plants from existing plant material that you already own! We will cover several methods of propagating in different mediums using different parts of the plant. Cuttings will be provided to show examples of different methods. Come learn the basics of multiplying your plants at the PROPAGATION STATION.
Fee is $15.00 – includes clippings!
Registration without payment will be disregarded.
Presenter: Joey Pierce, FGS Plant Coach
Meet Spencer Pearce!
Role: Potting Shed Manager
Started at FGS: March 2021 (in this role)
Ice Cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter
Currently Watching: Outer Banks
Last Book Read: 1984, George Orwell
Plant: Hydrangea
Food: Burger and French Fries
Restaurant: Whiskey Kitchen

Spencer has worked in a couple of different roles here at FGS. He started by helping out in the Garden Center a few years ago. More recently, he worked in The Potting Shed as a bartender and then in mid-March, he began managing the operations. You have probably been served by Spencer if you have visited The Potting Shed. He loves to work out, eat healthy, and encourage others to do the same. He is finishing his Accounting degree at NC State in May of 2022. When he isn't working on school work, cooking, or working out, he loves snuggling with Edison and Truman every chance he gets.
Plant Tip of the Week:
Start planning your fall garden now!
We're not going to wish the time away, but the reality is fall is right around the corner. So start thinking and planning now for what you want to plant in the cooler season. If you are thinking of planting shrubs, why not plant some that add fall color? This post has some great recommendations!
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