Pray With Me

I spent much of my life looking for a place where the people were more like me. Was there a place where someone like me (LGBTQ), would be welcome and find that they could have a relationship with our Creator? The day I walked into Resurrection MCC, 30 years ago, I found that. I found home.

I am so grateful for our community of faith at Resurrection - the love that is shared and expressed. Through the years, I have been moved to serve God and the people of God so that others could come to know the loving Creator I know. How long have you searched? What is important to you? Have you found what you are looking for yet?

Who would have thought, two and a half years ago, that we would be here now, like this? The pandemic and its challenges have moved the world to an entirely different place. While we have had different experiences during the pandemic, we have all endured loss and varying degrees of separation from our church community, friends, and family.

As I look around and start to get out a little more, I keep noticing more about how things continue to change. As many of us attempt to return to our pre-pandemic expectations and pace of living, doing our best to manage what life is like today, the world has shifted beneath our feet.

I do not know about you, but I find myself praying more these days.

Prayer is a way for us to communicate with the Creator and to share our joys, sorrows, worries, fears, and doubts. Prayer is also a way to share community with others, allowing them to be present with us on our journey and with the ‘stuff’ of everyday life. Making room for prayer and for community in our lives, we allow the Creator to guide and care for us, as individuals and in our families, friendships, and congregation.

You are not alone, you are good enough, and God loves you!

Pray with me,
Rev. Vicki Sheil-Hopper
Pastoral Care Coordinator
Owls 2nd Friday Dining Out is at Barnaby's on August 12th at
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM.

Gala picture information
If you had photographer photos taken at the 50th Anniversary Gala, please see or email Georgette Monaghan at She has them!
Does Your Elementary School-Age Child Need a Backpack for School?

Sunday, August 7th Only from 12:00 - 12:30 pm.
After Church in the Church Office
First Come - First Served

We were blessed to have a donation of backpacks from the Heights Conservation Non-Profit Group. 130 backpacks will be given to a local school. 20 Backpacks are
reserved for Resurrection Elementary School-aged children. 1 per family, please.
Earthwise is about living in harmony with the natural world around us—and sharing the joy of this living. Sadly, our ways of life in today's global economy have led to increasing land and habitat destruction, pollution, species extinction, buildup of "greenhouse gases," and other degradation's of the earth. But rather than grovel and wring our hands in despair, lifelong creation care scientist Calvin B. DeWitt suggests we discover a joyful, positive attitude about working together for good in this world. Looking forward in hope, we can make changes and take positive, lasting action that is more in harmony with the way the world works and is meant to be. 

Facilitator: Rev. Vicki Sheil-Hopper

Wednesday evening from 7:00pm - 8:30pm, from 07/20/22 - 08/17/22; virtual class

You'll never know what you're missing until you do it! We have a place for you in our volunteer ministries. What are you good at? What makes you happy? Do you have a skill or talent that will benefit others? Visit our Connect page on the website and learn more about our volunteer opportunities and how to join us!

Brunch Buddies follows the Sunday Service at 12:30 PM at Demeris BBQ located at
1702 West Loop North. Check the Menu HERE.
Virtual Brunch Buddies will continue to gather on Zoom each Sunday at 12:30 pm! Prepare a snack, meal, or just grab a drink, and connect online with your family of faith! Join us on Zoom at Questions? Email
Daily Devotional
Deep and Wide Daily Devotionals is by Resurrection MCC family member and author, Dr. Larry Ponder, who provides us with a year's worth of inspiring messages of God's inclusive love. Each daily meditation explores how we can live our personal goals of love in action - meant to be shared. Want to know more? Watch Dr. Larry's YouTube video HERE. There are books available in the Resurrection book store.

Join our Facebook Group to receive these daily devotional feeds.
Joining a choir is like getting a caged bird to sing! You know you love to sing, but worry if you are good enough to sing in a church choir. God thinks so, and so do we! Our choirs and musical groups are more than singing songs. We build deep friendships and a network of others that love doing what you love doing. Join us!

Sanctuary Choir - Traditional church music, more secular and familiar.

Gospel Ensemble - Woven with Gospel music and traditional African themes

Resurrection Choir - Combines modern and traditional music, and sacred genres, combining membership from both Sanctuary Choir and Gospel Ensemble

Tuesday evenings 7:00 pm - 8:15 pm for Sanctuary Choir and Gospel Ensemble,
and 6:30 pm - 7:00 pm for Resurrection Choir.

Choirs alternate weekend service performances.

For Dance, Theater, and other performance-based ministries, reach out directly to Cassandra White via email.

Contact Cassandra White, Worship Arts Coordinator HERE for more information.
Cold Drinks, a Snack, Books, and More!

The bookstore is open before and after each Sunday church service. Our books are carefully curated to fuel your spirit.
Come on in and say hello. We are happy to have you.
Amazing things happen when we pray for one another in times of grief and celebrate together in times of joy. Send Requests online here: COMPLETE ONLINE FORM or by texting the word RMCCPRAY to 97000. We hope this electronic method will make it quick and easy to communicate the struggles and triumphs you are experiencing in a way that can provide our Pastoral Care Ministers with the information they need to support and encourage you along your journey. The form allows you to provide your name, contact information, the information about your prayer request or celebration, as well as an easy way to request a contact from a Pastoral Care Minister (only if you indicate you'd like a contact). Based on your preferences we can communicate by text, phone, video chat, or even in-person visits when necessary. We want to hear from you!
Weekday Devotional and Prayer is held every weekday at Noon on Zoom. During these virtual gatherings, we participate in a daily devotional, scripture readings, prayer, and a time to check-in with our church family. Click HERE to launch Zoom at Noon on weekdays.
If you haven't downloaded the church app, it's important that you do! Each time you attend a service in person or virtually, please CHECK IN so we know you were here. Using the church app is easy! You can find detailed instructions here. We hope you will download it and stay connected!
Pride Charities, our partner agency which operates the food pantry at Resurrection MCC, relies on donations and financial support for the food needed to help the 175 families we assist each month. Please consider picking up a few extra extra bags of rice, beans, cereal, Vienna sausages, canned chicken, canned spam/lunch loaf, canned corn, canned green beans, canned peas, or any of the items found on this list. We are now accepting clothes at this time. To keep you, our volunteers, and our community safe, please place your donations in your trunk or back seat, pull up outside the pantry, stay in your vehicle, and our volunteers will remove the items from your vehicle. Volunteers will also be working inside the Clothes Closet this Saturday from 9 - Noon If you'd like to help sort, hang, and organize clothes, please be sure to wear a face mask. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided to you.
Text Giving is a great way to give electronically. The first time you'd like to give in this way, just text the word GIVE to 281-346-9444. You'll receive a text back asking for the amount of your donation. After you've entered that, you'll receive a link to provide your name, email address, as well as your debit/credit card or bank account information. That's it! And the next time you'd like to give, all you need to do is text a dollar amount to that same phone number, hit send, and you're done! If you'd like to contribute to a special fund, send a text with the words GIVE LIST to 281-346-9444 and you'll receive a reply asking how much you'd like to give, and then another text asking to which of our special funds you'd like your donation applied (i.e. General Gifts & Tithes, Foundation First Activities Building Fund, Texas Winter Storm Relief, Pride Charities Food Pantry, La Casa de Todos).
Narcotics Anonymous is every Tuesday at 7:00 pm on our campus as well as on Zoom. This Twelve Step recovery program offers hope and freedom from active addiction in a safe space for the LGBTQ community. This support group meets regularly in order to help one another learn a new way of life through sharing experiences, strength, and hope. All are welcome to come and learn more. For more information, please contact Patrick at 281-908-9729.

Narcóticos Anónimos (en español) es todos los miércoles a partir de las 8:00 pm en la Capilla Resurrection MCC. Asegúrese de usar una máscara cuando esté en el campus de la iglesia. Es un grupo de recuperación de 12 pasos que ofrece esperanza y libertad de la adicción activa en un lugar seguro para las personas LGBT. Estos grupos se unen para ayudarse mutuamente a aprender una nueva forma de vida, compartiendo su experiencia de fortaleza y esperanza.

re:MIND Depression & Bipolar Support Groups in-person meetings are now on Fridays at 12:00 pm in the Chapel. Online meetings are available at Click ‘Not Yet a Member’ and set up a free user account. Find a meeting and click ‘Register’ to sign up. Please note: If all spots are filled, click ‘Join the Waitlist’. You will receive an email reminder the day before and 15 minutes before your scheduled meeting. Please confirm or cancel. Meeting dates will be updated monthly. If you need assistance signing up please call (888) 799-0907 ext. 2 or email Spaces are limited so sign up today! Spanish Support Groups are available here.

Overeater’s Anonymous meets Saturdays at 9:30 am in the Chapel and will still offer the zoom meeting on Saturdays at 9:30 am on Zoom. Meeting ID: 402 391 084, Password: 176233. Phone in option (use same Meeting ID as above): +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston).
Toastmasters is every Monday, from 6:30 - 8 pm online on Zoom. Impress your clients, your boss, or even a potential employer during your next job interview. Speak with confidence in one-on-one situations and in presentations for groups of 20 to over 200. Surprise yourself by becoming a member of Toastmasters and see how your personal goals will come true. With Toastmasters you will learn by doing as you improve your public speaking skills in a super supportive environment. Join us for our very own Toastmaster Club right here at Resurrection MCC. Contact Horacio Rodriguez at 954-662-4926 or for details.