Faith Out of Pain
Pain is a path of strength, and victory is a path of maturity toward being good soldiers ready for battle. A good soldier needs painful training, and so do all of us.

Different Backgrounds, One Language!
Language played a huge role in fostering communication between different cultures and civilizations. Specific languages dominated the world in each stage of history.

Bible Live:
Power of Prayer
In this Bible Live video, let us walk through the Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus prayed in solitude with the Father, and let us encourage ourselves to follow in Jesus' footsteps to pray without ceasing!
With all that is going on in Palestine and the whole world, please continue to pray for the Lord to spread His peace in our hearts. May He give wisdom to leaders and rulers to make righteous decisions that lead to justice and peace.

  • As we celebrate a day of love this month, we pray that those around us will experience the real, unconditional, and only true love of Jesus Christ throughout the whole year. May we be able to show this love to our less fortunate brothers and sisters through our Community Training Programs, the Shepherd Society Outreach Programs, and our daily interactions with our neighbors.

Let us dedicate this month’s prayers for our brothers and sisters battling cancer in Bethlehem. People around Bethlehem suffer a great deal from cancer, as many are fighting against it, and many more have lost loved ones to it. Let us pray for the powerful healing hand of our Lord to touch every person suffering from sickness.
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Thank You!