Pray for Eastman  
Representative Jimmy Pruett, House District 149
 As you a ll kno w, the city of Eastman has been dealing with the tragic loss of Tim Smith, an officer  who  was killed in the line of duty last weekend. Over the last few days,  I have been trying to find the words and  ga ther my thoughts. Things like this just don't happen in Eastman. My heart hurts for our community.

 Anyone who had the pleasure of knowing Tim would agree that he was a wonderful and caring guy that loved serving and protecting the people. I hope you will all join me in lifting his family in prayer. I also pray  for the extended family of the shooter, the Burns family, whom have been in our community for as long as I can remember. They have been friends of my family for a number of years and I have fond memories from growing up with them. I ask that you separate the Burns family I know, from the family member who committed this heinous crime. I also ask that you lift this family up in prayer as they come to grips that because of a senseless and tragic act, their lives, the lives of the Smith family, and our community will never be the same. 

Tragedy, more times than not, has a unique way of pulling people together.  I am in awe of our little town that has come together in such an incredible way to show support, love and acts of good will in the midst of this tragic event. All walks of life in every color, social demographic, young and old stand together in support of our law enforcement community in a way I have never seen.  It is often said that "love" in this world overwhelmingly wins over "hate"- I just want to say....

God bless each and every one of you who are shining examples that love overcomes hate; light overcomes darkness; and good overcomes evil. 


Representative Jimmy Pruett, House District 149

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