In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.
How can I be praying for INSTE?
South Asia Translation
Praise God that the South Asia team is almost finished translating the four books of Level 1 into the local language! They hope to finish Book 4 by the end of May. They have done an incredible job in a very difficult situation. Pilot groups will soon be able to meet together to study the Word of God in their local language in their INSTE groups.  Pray that our national Coordinator will be able to renew his passport this month. Thank you for your prayers.
Impacts from COVID-19
INSTE Latin America
The INSTE Latin American executive team is working closely with all of the INSTE offices in Latin America and Spain to prepare for what we expect to be a great hunger and thirst for God's Word after this pandemic is over. We would appreciate prayers to face all of the challenges that stem from this new world situation and to efficiently tap into the unexpected benefits it will bring.
INSTE St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG)
Highlighted in red are the islands of
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is a single nation in the southern Caribbean. It is comprised of St. Vincent, which is the main and largest island, and several smaller islands. These islands are located south of St. Vincent and north of the island of Grenada. The Kingstown Open Bible Church was a joint missionary initiative of the Open Bible Standard Churches of Trinidad & Tobago and OBC USA in 1982 with its first missionaries being Rev. Bill & Wanda Jimenez (OBC USA) and Rev. & Mrs. Errol Ramdass (Trinidad & Tobago).
"As a facilitator I'm pleased with the students' participation and the energy that they bring to our group meetings.

"I am thankful for the guidance and encouragement I have received from Sister Sylnette Jack (former pastor’s wife of our church and longstanding INSTE Facilitator). It has helped to build my self confidence. With the help of the Lord and studying the manual, I have made it this far. Praise God .
"Each student embraces his group partner and am so impressed with their study pattern as partners. They have committed themselves to supporting each other in prayer and study time regularly. Good relationships, both among students and facilitator are demonstrated in class each week. There is good fellowship as we observe birthdays and other special events in the lives of each other. Students will go the extra mile to make our group discussion meaningful and our fellowship is one in a million.
An INSTE group from Kingstown Open Bible, SVG
"Our usual form of meeting was interrupted due to COVID-19. When we could not meet as a group, I thought that I would have lost them or they would have lost interest, but we continued to call each other to find ways to continue in spite of COVID-19.

"We have changed our style of meetings due physical distancing necessitated by the COVID-19 virus. We decided to have our meetings in an open parking lot in our cars with two persons in each car while I stand outside in front of the cars to observe and facilitate during praise and worship and as they do their weekly exam. We then we go to our separate homes and discuss the lesson on Zoom (the students taught me how to use such technology).

"The experience is great and the new method of facilitating is strange but enjoyable. The fellowship is awesome and the atmosphere breezy.

"I say thanks to God for allowing me to function in this capacity, to bring joy to the faces of others as we study God’s Word. I thank INSTE for the opportunity to fill this role. It is not easy but I have committed myself to the task. It is my first INSTE group, and it is bringing out the best in me. It is now a part of me.

"I give all praise and thanks to God."

Annette Martin Kennedy, INSTE Facilitator
Kingstown Open Bible Standard Church
St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Eastern Caribbean
Chinese Development
Translators have continued the tedious task of making INSTE courses available in the Chinese language. Currently, translators are diligently working on Christology, Theology/Pneumatology, and the Level 2 Distance Leader's Training (DLT) Manual, with the completion of these translations set for the end of June. There are still 9 books left to be completed for the full set of 28 INSTE books. The average cost of translating each book is $3,000, and it takes 4-6 months to complete.
Chinese copy of Romans & Galatians
"We are entering into a critical phase of the translation effort. More than ever, there are clear indications that this type of systematic and in-depth theological education and training is very much needed in the Chinese-speaking world. We thank the Lord for giving us godly and gifted translators. Please pray that God will provide additional funds of approximately $30,000 necessary to complete this important task. This is only the beginning; plans are underway to eventually make these courses available in Chinese online."

Ricky Poon, Academic Dean of Chinese Ministries

If you would like to help fund the translation work, please send a check to the Inste Global office in Ankeny, Iowa, or give online, designating your gift for the Chinese Development Fund. Thank you!
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