MARCH 2019

May God bless all those for whom adoption is part of their life story.


Our Father, 3 Hail Marys, Glory Be


Adoption is a loving and generous way for a child to be welcomed as part of a family. It can also include uncertainty and other challenges—for children waiting to find families, for parents placing their children for adoption, for couples waiting to be matched with a child, and for so many others.

This month, we celebrate the Solemnity of Saint Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary, on March 19 th . Remembering his very special role as the earthly foster father of Jesus, we invoke St. Joseph’s intercession, asking the Lord to bless all those for whom adoption has a place in their story. And, recalling the mercy which God our Father has shown to us, we also ask that, through our words and actions, they may encounter the outstretched hands of His mercy.

Acts of Reparation  (Choose one.)

  • Fast from snacking for one day. Eat three regular meals, but nothing else in between.

  • Donate needed items to a pregnancy care center, or ask if they have an opportunity for you to volunteer.

One Step Further

Read Accompanying Expectant Mothers Considering Adoption . Drawing from the personal experience of a mother who placed her child for adoption, this article gives nine pointers for offering ongoing support to other expectant mothers considering adoption. Find out how you can be an agent of mercy.
Did You Know?
March 21 st is World Down Syndrome Day. Expectant parents—often overwhelmed by the diagnosis—are frequently pressured to abort their children. Tragically, even with the existence of multiple organizations devoted to facilitating adoption for children with Down syndrome, the majority of babies diagnosed before birth are aborted.

In “A Perfect Gift” one parent of a child with Down syndrome explains how beautiful life can be when we recognize that every life is a gift. We pray that other parents will find inspiration and courage through the witness of those who welcome life in all circumstances, and receive life-affirming support on their own journey.