A Postcard and a Prayer from 
Mennonite Women USA:  January 2017
by Kathy Bilderback

Light of all the earth,
Your light has shown for 100 years of Mennonite Women's ministries.
Thank you for shining in the corners where women quietly offer pennies for service.
Thank you for light giving warmth for gifted women creating colorful quilted comforters.
Thank you for shining brightly so that women's voices prophetically speak your justice and righteousness for the least and disenfranchised.
Thank you for the tiny hope of light that empowers women to share stories of healing and hope.
Illuminate our life as we forge new steps today and tomorrow.
Sprinkle starlights onto avenues of renewed strength to be bold, powerful and hopeful women.
Lead us with rays of new truths to proclaim your light for all the earth.

Kathy Bilderback is the chairperson for the Mennonite Women USA board of directors. She is the pastor at a small Mennonite church in Boise, Idaho where she also and provides bookkeeping services for a variety of small companies in Boise. She enjoys biking and cooking and hanging out with women.
Ester Bornes (left) with Sister Care 
co-presenter Carolyn Heggen
We ask your prayers for the Sister Care Enrichment leaders' training being held in Argentina this week. 

Ester Bornes provided local planning and worked with Linda Shelly of Mennonite Mission Network who is attending. Pray for the 30 women coming from Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Peru and Argentina. 

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MW USA Centennial
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Have a blessed month!

Mennonite Women USA staff