Dear Friends,

As Sam Freedenberg correctly pointed out to me, our goal during these coming weeks is to create "physical distancing" and not "social distancing." Indeed, as historian Yuval Harari notes, humans are "dependent for our very survival on vast networks of cooperation." Especially because we are physically distant, we must work even more diligently to maintain social closeness.

To that end, I want to let you know about several opportunities to connect with your Tikvat Israel community and the broader Jewish community for prayer, study, entertainment and help . We invite you to join us nightly (or periodically) for our evening service, afterwhich we will stay on the conference call for a chance to check-in, share ideas and generally be of support to one another.

Many of you have responded to Abbey's email - she is in the process of driving our daughter Elianna home from the University of Michigan. She will be back in touch tomorrow with more information on how we can use technology to share our needs and resources to help one another.

For those who are in need of financial assistance, the Hebrew Free Loan Association has emergency loans of up to $1000 available through a streamlined application process. Go to . You may also contact me directly for assistance and to learn about other resources in the community.

And, once again, please make sure to check-in with one another and let us know if you hear news of someone who may need assistance. Especially at this time, don't assume that we already are aware of a particular situation.

Wishing you peace of mind and health of body,

Rabbi Marc Israel

Each night (Sunday - Thursday) at 7:30 pm, we will have an on-line ma'ariv service and community check-in. During this time, we will recite the names on our yartzeit list and provide opportunities to honor our loved ones of blessed memory, using a version of Kaddish that can be recited when one cannot be with a minyan. Click on the link to access and print the Kaddish L'Yachid . We will be using Siddur Sim Shalom (blue cover, either the pocket version or the full size Shabbat, Festivals and Weekdays version). If you don't have one, you may access the ma'ariv service on line through .

To sign-in for daily minyan, go to:

~ ~ ~


Passover Songs with Ms. Ellie (For our youngest members!)
March 17, 10:30 AM
Join ECC Music teacher Ellie Shuchman as she teaches children's songs for Passover. This program is open for all - you don't need to go to our ECC to enjoy.
Meeting ID: 991 205 334 Password: 060284

Passover Prep with Rabbah Arlene Berger (for adults)
Tuesday, March 17, 11:00 am

Story and Sh'ma with Elana Moss (For 2-6 year olds)
Tuesday, March 17, and Thursday, March 19, at 7:00 pm
Join TI's Education and Youth Programming Director Elana Moss for a story and prayer to wind down the day. This program is open to all.

Prayers and Psalms of Healing with Rabbi Marc Israel
Wednesday, March 18, at 10:00 am
Our tradition provides many forms of prayers for healing, as well as several Psalms that are traditionally associated with healing. In addition to the text itself, we will also discuss the role that prayer plays in the healing process.

Weekly Haftarah Study with Rabbi Marc Israel
Friday, 9:00 am (provide your own nosh!)
This week we will read and discuss the special haftarah for the Shabbat preceding Rosh Chodesh Nissan (Ezekial 45:16 - 46:18)

Kabbalat Shabbat and Ma'ariv with Cantor Rochelle Helzner
Friday, 6:00 pm (the service will conclude before candle lighting, which is at 7:03 PM this coming Friday)
Join us for a virtual Friday night service with lots of spirited singing!

~ ~ ~


Camp Ramah in New England is offering a variety of fun activities including Karaoke Tefillot, Ramah Bingo and a "camp-wide" Havdalah. Visit their blog at for the latest updates and to sign-in for these programs.

Yeshivat Hadar is providing learning opportunities for people of all ages. It is not necessary to attend each day:

  • Webinar with Rabbi Shai Held: The Triumph of Creation: What are the Book of Exodus (and Revelation) really about?
Monday, March 16, 7:30 - 8:30 PM ET

  • Adult Mishnah Club—The 1st chapter of Tractate Pesahim
Monday-Friday, 1:00 PM ET
We will start Mishnah Pesahim, which focuses on the details of the upcoming Pesah holiday and try to get through a few mishnayot each day. Join Adult Mishnah Club .
  • Kids Mishnah Club—The 1st chapter of Tractate Pesahim, for ages 7-11
Monday-Friday, 4:00 PM ET
We will start Mishnah Pesahim, which focuses on the details of the upcoming Pesah holiday and try to get through a few mishnayot each day. Kids will be encouraged to read along!
  • Kids Parashah Session—Parashat Hashavua, for ages 3-6
Monday-Friday, 4:30 PM ET
We will learn a section of the parashah each day, reading it with the trope used for Torah reading, explaining, and allowing for a few minutes of questions and discussion. Join us as we start with Vayakhel-Pekudei/Hahodesh!

~ ~ ~


There are several lists of Jewish TV shows going around. The online Jewish magazine Kveller provides this one . We also suggest S'rugim (the Israeli Friends ) on Amazon and Fauda (new season coming up soon) and The Spy on Netflix, about Israel's elite military unit and the true story of a Mossad agent, respectively.
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