We hope you can help in this Outreach Mission!
Christmas Season is almost on us...
and we want to help three of those families who are struggling, to have a great holiday


We at First Pres want to help families who are dealing with hardships - with our annual special Christmas for several families from Tank School. Please join us again this year with this great effort!
Our Prayer Basket Mission provides a complete Christmas for three families from Tank School, and we are collecting the items needed from November 21 thru December 13.

Each family will receive fleece blankets (which are being made by the Deacons) for every person, as well as a complete Christmas dinner, and presents for each member of the family. We have three trees in the back of the sanctuary with many tags identifying special gifts. They are again labeled as the Angel family, Baby Jesus family, and Star family. You can take as many of those tags as you'd like, or if you aren't going to be at church, you can choose from this simple online sign-up program:
  1. SignUpGenius - click the link,
  2. then click on one or more of the boxes of those "wish list items" you'd like to fulfill,
  3. click Submit & Sign Up,
  4. add your name (I believe this can remain blank, but don't quote me - new program for me) and email address (required), and then,
  5. click Sign Up Now.
  6. You'll get a confirmation page, and it will be sent to your email.
  7. You should check that email to make sure it has the items you signed up to provide.
  8. Note that you'll need to make a tag (doesn't need to be fancy) to put on each unwrapped gift, so the coordinators know what goes to which family member.
  9. Any questions about this program, email Connie or call 920-621-3382.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to put each tag (from the tree or create one if you choose your tags online) on UNWRAPPED gifts and return them to the church no later than December 13, 5 p.m. Thank you to the three family coordinators who have volunteered to lead the effort for each family. For the Angel family - Leah Mott and family will coordinate; for the Star family - Lynne Nelson and family; and for the Baby Jesus family - Ken Sann will coordinate. Any questions, please contact Stephanie - text 920-609-7510, or the coordinator for a particular family. Thank you all for helping us to continue the First Pres mission right here in our neighborhood!
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