June 19, 2019

Flooding Recovery
Youth mission trip

Church Members:
Dick Aclin
Toka Beall
Pat Bolin
Sylvia Burks
Ruth Davis
Cynthia and Dave Galloway
Brian Gaines
Myrna Sue Lough
Jason Mumme
Ron and Cheryl Powell
Judy and David Staggs
Margaret Thompson
Eleanor Vernon

Prayer for our military:
Ashley Galloway- granddaughter of Linda and Byron Ware
John Herrmann - Cathy Howard’s grandson

Prayer for friends and family of church members:
  • Carolyn Blythe - mother of Randy Blythe
  • Andy Bolin- son of Jim Bolin
  • Paul Brown - brother of Philip Brown
  • Heather Carroll - daughter of Dee and Patty Carroll
  • John and Shari Christy - nephew of Jean Johnson
  • Betty Cordell - aunt of Diane Wing
  • Nancy Cox - friend of Nancy Baker
  • Dr. Neil Crow - friend of Kelly Newton
  • Bettye Cupp - sister of Jack Gedosh
  • Carl Davis - friend of Phil White
  • Courtenay Decker - daughter of Louanna and Jack Green
  • Pollye Greb - friend of Beth Watson
  • Riley Green - granddaughter of Louanna and Jack Green
  • Ernest Grilk - father of Cornelia Schardt
  • Kristin Hanneman- niece of Marlin Fretheim
  • David and Gloria Hartfield- cousin of Jerry Hartfield
  • Richard McAlister - brother of Margaret Thompson
  • David Nicholas- nephew of Agnes Davis
  • Declan Paige - great-grandson of Martha and Mike Boyd
  • Joe Rawls - Mike Boyd’s brother-in-law
  • Julie Speer- sister of Lady Jane Cohen

Loss of loved ones:
Kerry (Kelly) Franklin and Kyle Franklin and family on the death of
her mother, Judi Deason.

Erik Batt and family on the death of his father, Larry Batt.

Madeline and Bob Marquette and family on the death of,
Donald Marquette.

If you or a loved one would like to be on our weekly or monthly prayer lists, please let Rev. Janice Sudbrink know by Wednesdays at noon. She can be emailed at janice.sudbrink@arumc.org  or by calling the church office.
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