February at the Center

" When we are able to recognize and forgive ignorant actions done in one’s past, we strengthen ourselves and can solve the problems of the present constructively. "

~ His Holiness the Dalai Lama
PUJAS Everyone Welcome!
Kadampa Center happily welcomes Venerable Amy Miller for a weekend course to give us tools to create more happiness in our daily lives.
The Path to Joy offers participants a practical roadmap of how to cultivate happiness and overcome suffering in the midst of life’s challenges.
WHEN: Jan 31 - Feb 2

In this course we explore 13 essential topics in Buddhism, from Meditation to Karma to Death and Rebirth, with much, much more! This is an excellent course of study for those who have the very basics and wish to start going a little deeper into Buddhist philosophy.
The class is led by Hemant Pandya.
Registration requested
WHEN: Jan 6 - Feb 10

Join Geshe Gelek as he guides us to selected points in the road to enlightenment.
Lama Tsongkhapa (the founder of our Gelugpa lineage) wrote a detailed explanation of Lama Atisha's text to help students understand and practice the instructions, called  The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment (Lamrim Chenmo) . This lamrim foundation is the basis of all practice in our lineage, including tantra.
WHEN: Wednesdays 7-8:30 pm
(Feb 5, We will complete the readings and do a guided meditation on death and dissolution.)

Our Sunday morning teachings are a vibrant, interactive experience. With the guidance of one of our resident teachers, we discuss the complications that make us unhappy, and how the tools of Buddhism sheds new light on our thoughts and emotions.
WHEN: Every Sunday

The purpose of the meditation circle is to channel our energy in positive, healing ways to benefit the group and all other living beings. The practice is followed by tea-time for meditators to share experiences, discuss topics, and to get to know one another.
WHEN: Every Sunday

Meditation is a foundational tool of the Buddhist practitioner. We use different types of meditation in our practice to clear and calm the mind, review and deepen our understanding of teachings, develop concentration, and so on. Led by senior students.
WHEN:  Feb cancelled, resumes in March

"Imagine that your very existence is viewed as a nuisance to others who are very powerful, and who share the same space with you. Imagine that those powerful beings have a choice to act on ..."

from Donna Seese, Spiritual Program Coordinator
Sunday morning classes begin at 10:30
Our Sunday Program is a vibrant mix of drop-off and family programming. Much of our curriculum content is based on the 16 Guidelines .
Winter classes "How We Relate to Others"
Sundays, 10:30 - Noon
The Family Program will host 3 Children's classes from the ages of 5 to 17.
See the  Family Program page  for more information about the Elementary, Middle and Teen class offerings.
We have a Refuge Room for those with children under age 5 - Learn more
Each month we explore one of the 16 Guidelines, celebrate Buddhist holy days (such as Saka Dawa and Lama Tsongkhapa Day), introduce Buddhist practices (including prostrations and reciting mantras), and participate in Center-wide celebrations (like Losar and Compassion Day). Learn more

Happy New Year! We have kicked off our winter session of the kid's classes at Kadampa. As we develop our schedule, we want to share what we are up to and hope you can help us plan for things like spring break. Please take a couple minutes to answer these 3 questions .
Parents, are you interested in attending Discovering Buddhism sessions
on Monday evenings? Childcare is now provided!
We have a waiting list – can you help? Kadampa Center Prison Project (KCPP) volunteers offer prisoner-support workshops using meditation to more skillfully navigate life, in prison and out. Many class participants have questions about meditation and Buddhism that cannot be addressed during our limited workshop time. Still others who are interested are located where our workshops are not available. It doesn't take a Buddhist scholar to write to an inmate. Just someone with a warm heart, a compassionate ear, and the willingness to keep a conversation going.
Interested in becoming a KCPP pen pal? Email Amanda Henry , Pen Pal Coordinator, or call 919.859.3433
What Makes You So Busy?: Finding Peace in the Modern World by Khenpo Sodargye
Bombarded with information, endlessly pursuing possessions--we look for happiness in all the wrong places. Sodargye's wide-ranging advice covers careers and conventional notions of material success, romantic relationships, and the environment. Erudite and compassionate, he points the reader to inspiration from sutras, Zen masters, Confucius, and the daily news, offering warm, heartfelt encouragement for these troubled times.
Beautifully hand crafted cotton yoga matt bags with long strap for walking or bike riding. Carry your yoga matt in style! Several colors to choose from.

Cost: $20
Office hours and before/after teachings
We have reached about half-way through our Food Drive which will end on Valentine’s Day, February 14.

As of January 30, 2020, the wonderful Kadampa Family and Friends have contributed 284 pounds of food for hungry families, and for some of their furry companions. That translates into 237 meals!!
Good job! Thank you so much! Rejoice in your merit!

Be inspired by leaders involved in local interfaith initiatives. Learn how you can connect with others and be part of a positive change!  
Where:  The Hindu Society of NC

Questions on giving?
Email centermanager@kadampa-center.org or call 919.859.3433
You can sponsor a puja at the Center
Transform the ordinary into the extraordinary!  
The word puja comes from Sanskrit for offerings. All are welcome when we gather to offer our prayers and other offerings. 
Your generosity creates a connection to the practice and benefits the Center. Sponsor here!

“Everybody can be great, because
anybody can serve...
You only need a heart full of grace.
A soul generated by love.”
~ Martin Luther King Jr.
We held our first Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service at the Center on Monday, Jan 20, to celebrate Martin Luther King's birthday. Smiles abounded as volunteers of all ages came to spend 2 hours serving our Center as their kind act of service.
Activities completed
  • Dusting the Dharma shelves and books in the library
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Vacuuming all the cushions in the gompa
  • Lots Dharma sort and Dharma burn
  • Organizing and cleaning the education building
Thank you to our team of volunteers: Pam Shengler, Elise Strevel, Suzy Boehm, Brady Lorenzen, Zane and Kai Perryman, Sherri Harmon, Jackie Loy, Mangus, Roald, Avelyn and Christy Batts, Brian D, Joey Gooch and Erin Sloan. 
We're all looking forward to next year!
Brought to you by the
Hospitality Team!
We've expanded our social activities to include small groups with common hobbies or interests. Groups will meet informally and as often as they like.
  • Fitness/Health (Ex. walk/run/bike)
  • Movies/Game Night (Ex. movies/museum/board games)
  • Outdoor Activities (Ex. gardening/hiking/nature walks)
  • Spur-of-the-Moment (Ex. Meet me at the _______ in an hour.")
Click below to learn more and register.
The Hospitality Team offers the opportunity to meet after the teachings on the last Sunday of each month to snack, chat, and hang out together. Food and drink will be provided.
Read  here  about Sponsoring a Sunday Tea!


Classes and events take place throughout the week.
Check the calendar for full listing.

Doors open 30 minutes prior to start times.
Tune to 90.3 FM when listening to teachings live in the Gompa
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