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Through continual 24 hour prayer we will see the promise of God. "I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it."

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November 2016
"HAPPY THANKSGIVING" from the U.S. National Prayer Council 
Prayer Alert
November  2016

Lead Article by Dr. Ted Rose
Now that our elections are over, what should we do?
President Elect Donald J. Trump
Now that the elections in America are over, what should we do now? The answer is to humbly seek the heart of the Father concerning our nation. Perhaps you are from the camp politically that are upset, saddened, afraid, and even feeling depressed that Donald Trump won and Hillary Clinton, lost!  Or maybe you have a different perspective and seeing a republican, like Donald Trump win has you overwhelmed with gladness, joy and you are very hopeful this election will make a positive difference in America. Then maybe you are somewhere in the middle, not really sure what to make of what has happened and you  are just mainly happy about one thing?  "The the election is over".

So what now?   
Because spiritually speaking, we do not belong to either the elephant-republicans, or the donkey-democrats, but we belong to the Lamb of God/ Jesus, it gives us a different perspective. We are neither saddened and afraid, or joyous and gloating, but we are seeking the face of almighty God for a healing of our nation and a return to our biblical roots of dependence on God for our rights and justice. 

So the answer to the great question of what do we do?  "IS" We give ourselves to prayer like never before. THE word of the Lord that has been delivered to our nation, over and over for many decades now is found in II Chronicles 7:14. "If my people which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, I will forgive her sins and will heal their land." This prophetic word is hanging over our nation and will continue until we "The Church, His people, in America completely embrace this word and fulfill its conditions.

That is why, today The United States National  Prayer Council in joining with all Godly National and International Prayer Ministries in issuing a call from heaven and the throne of God to America to give yourselves to prayer with all your heart. From this moment on make time for God in prayer, Pastors no more focusing on being the greatest orator in the world, but becoming great in personal prayer relationship with God in the prayer room. It is time we all take stock of our lives and make the change. He is waiting and yearning for us to come into the secret place of prayer but He will not force us. It is up to you and me! Don't reject His sweet loving invitation.

Dr. Ted Rose

Report from our National  Pastors Director, Pastor Harold Moreland
reports that over 2,290 Pastors have joined the United States National Prayer Council within the last 6 months. They are recieving prayer and nourishment to their souls so that they can continue to serve the Lord and the people of God with love and anointing. Please keep our Pastors in prayer.

Good News from Costa Rica
Our National Directors from Costa Rica, Pastors Alejandro and Daniella Herra share that in just this past year, 9,353 new members from Costa Rica have joined the prayer council. There is a powerful growing movement of prayer taking place in Costa Rica. Our wonderful brothers and sisters in Christ are also praying for America. Thank you Jesus for what you are doing.

Oklahoma State Prayer Gathering with USNPC and BGEA
Pastors Ronald and Donna Drake our Oklahoma State Directors along with our National Hispanic Director, Rev. Lydia D'Ross-Ganzalez had a partnership prayer event with the U.S. Prayer Council along with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to focus on the presidential election and praying for our nation to turn back to God. They report that Pastors, Churches and many praying Christians from all over the state, from many different denominations, sought the face of God and a great anointing of the Holy Spirit was sensed and felt by everyone who attended. Over 1,000 attended in 3 cities and online. PTL!

 Brief word from our U.S. National Director, Rev. Valerie Jackson

Revelation 4:1 says..."I looked and behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice was that of a trumpet talking to me"; which said "COME UP HIGHER." This a word the Lord is speaking to HIS church. He is beckoning us to: "Think Higher, Move Higher, See Higher and Trust Higher. " To see from a heavenly perspective and know that God is able to do more than we can ask or think or believe. This next year will be a year of the Lord's Favor for HIS church! Blessings and enjoy the HOLIDAYS!

Important Question

QUESTION:  Why is there a need for a prayer ministry?
ANSWER :  Jesus described the problem of the harvest when he said, "Truly the harvest is plenteous but the laborers are few. Then Jesus gave us the solution to the harvest, "Pray ye therefore to the Lord of the harvest that He will send forth laborers into His harvest field.

will never be accomplished until there is the
"PRAY YE THEREFORE, to back it up."

That is the reason for the need of a prayer ministry!
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Description of USNPC:
The United States National Prayer Council is the largest network of prayer ministry leaders in America and the world. It's membership is diverse, consisting of prayer ministry leaders, church prayer leaders, pastors who lead churches that are houses of prayer, individuals who pray, IHOP'S, and Bikers. It is interdenominational, multi-ethnic, multi-generational. It's goal is to call the church of America and the world to Prayer, Praying for revival, spiritual awakening, to those in authority and for the fulfillment of the great commission. The Prayer Council provides encouragement and leadership support to the various prayer ministries to fulfill their visions. Rev. Ted Rose the Chairman of the Prayer Council states that "We are seeing an unprecedented response to the call of prayer in our nation. We must pray now like never before in order to see our nation turned back to God.


September 15th. & 16th. Friday and Saturday 2017
United States National Prayer Council 
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"A Gathering of Intercessors"
Location: Real Life Church
Sacramento, Californiia
Dr. Ted Rose 
Yale Kim
Vice- Chairman
Rev. Sherri Sumstine
International Director

Rev. Valerie Jackson
U.S. National Director
Dr. Lydia D'Ross
Natiional Hispanic Director
Rev. Sistah Pat Rivers
National African American Director
Jim Quayle
Global Director for Evangelism
Pastor Harold Moreland
National Pastors Director
Ralph & Sue Egyud
National Houses of Prayer IHOP'S Director
J im Compton
National Bikers Director
Pastor Joe Talancon
National Outreach Director
T hank you for helping us mobilize prayer for the fulfillment of the "Great Commission"

Word to other national prayer ministries
We would like to say thank you to all who are involved in calling the church to prayer. The Prayer Council is so honored to partner with all the awesome prayer ministries that God has raised up in our Nation. Our goal and heart is to support, pray and encourage you in your mission!
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