In Our Prayers | January 16, 2023

Below is a list of members, family, and friends with prayer concerns. Names in bold typeface are new to the list. Names in blue typeface have had a change in status since the last Prayer List publication.

Please let the office know if you would like someone added to the list. Please let us know if there are any changes for someone currently on the list.

Prayer Concerns

Church Family & Friends

  • For those who are ill and need healing.
  • Those who are grieving and need comfort. 
  • Those waiting for test results or surgery.
  • Those who are struggling with mental health issues.    
  • Those suffering from Covid.

  • Gracelyn Scott - diagnosed with ovarian cancer on January 14 (her 14th birthday) and hospitalized at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital; daughter of a co-worker of Andrea Knutson
  • Connie Floyd - in hospice care in Alabama; friend of Elaine Newman
  • Rose Addington - in hospice care at Waterford; member of Christ the King Anglican
  • Jean Horton - health concerns; friend of Elaine Newman
  • Amy Russell - recovering from knee replacement surgery on December 12
  • Bob Howell - recovering from rotator cuff surgery on Wednesday, December 7
  • Charles Dearchs - recovering from surgery for a broken leg; father of Tom Dearchs
  • Tammy Middleton - health concerns; daughter of Betty & Larry Spotts
  • Nadine Owens - recovering from open heart surgery
  • Kelly Majors - health concerns; friend of Nadine Owens
  • Shiloh Lutheran Church - prayers for our sister congregation as they have voted to proceed with Holy Closure; Holy Closure Service scheduled for January 15, 2023
  • Gene Prifogle - serious health concerns; home
  • Marty Macaluso - health concerns; Willow Springs Care Center, Indianapolis
  • Chris Uttinger - serious health concerns; son of Sherrie & Gene Uttinger

Are there others for whom you are praying?

Local Concerns

-Nursing Homes: residents, staff, and families                                      

-For our teachers and students

-Those seeking employment or childcare.

-Healthcare workers

-All of our Indiana-Kentucky (ELCA) congregations & our Pastors and leaders.

-The Indiana-Kentucky Synod staff.

The Nation and Our World

-For those suffering from the devastation of Hurricane Ian

-Leadership to seek and know God’s wisdom.

-For those at war, especially Ukraine and Russia.

-For those suffering from disasters: hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, and fires.

-For those suffering from violence, shootings, and turmoil.

-For peace in our hearts, nation, and world, especially in Ukraine.

-For those suffering from violence and shootings, turmoil in so many places.

-For those affected by the coronavirus, and for the use of the vaccine.

**The Prayer List is emptied once a month. If you would like to have a name added to the list, please contact the church office.

In Hospice

Mary Oie - in Hospice care at Wellbrooke of Kokomo

In Memoriam

Rae Horton - joined the Church Triumphant on January 11; family of Ted & Janet DeGarmo

Kate Thompson - joined the Church Triumphant on January 11; friend of Elaine Newman, Jan Miller, Holly Seamon, and Sherri Uttinger


Marlys Hornstein - 01/03

Daniel Knutson - 01/05

Larry Spotts - 01/18

Jonathan Russell - 01/24

Harriet Greenwald - 01/26

George Knutson - 01/31


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