Prayer List -- May 15, 2020

Members and friends are encouraged to remember the intentions on the prayer list in their own prayers throughout the week.

You are welcome to add your intercessions and thanksgiving., by contacting one of the clergy, or email Wendy Shepherd at , or call the parish office (212) 807-6799 with your prayer requests. They will remain on the list for two weeks. Names may be added to the long-term list and will then remain there until the end of the current calendar quarter.

The prayer list is read at Morning Prayer on Wednesday and is also prayed daily by all the members of the parish Prayer Chain. If you would like to join the prayer chain, committing to praying the prayer list eveIry day for a month at a time, please let Mother Susan know at .
Dear Holy Apostles Family,

If you would like to have individual healing prayer with Deacon Bob or one of the Lay Eucharistic Visitors, please leave a message on Deacon Bob’s church phone: 646-998-6107 or 212-807-6799 ext. 107. State who you are and the number where you may be reached, and a Healing Team member will contact you.

 This form of prayer will be available for the duration of the time services are suspended. We are still worshiping as a community, just in a different way. Simply click here for information on Zoom worship services .
Meditation from Mother Susan
I’ve long been fascinated by a particular dynamic in many people’s prayer lives. They often don’t have time to pray, they tell me -- but when I ask if they are able to pray more when they do have more time and flexibility (such as weekends, vacations, snow days, etc.), they sheepishly admit that they don’t pray then either!

Here we are in the midst of the pandemic -- and some people have a ton more free time than usual, and some are working overtime and have a lot less free time than usual. But no matter which is the case for you, there is no doubt in my mind that finding a regular routine of prayer can be helpful for you in maintaining a sense of equilibrium, as well as a connection to God. And who better to turn to than Benedict of Nursia (480-554) , who had a huge and lasting impact on Christianity through his monastic Rule of Life.

One of the major aspects of his Benedictine Rule was setting up a pattern of moderation in all the activities of a monk’s life: worship, prayer, spiritual reading, labor, eating, and sleeping. It was the pattern that was important, more than a rigid set of do’s and don’ts. 

One way of bringing that pattern into our own lives is to set a few moments during your day to stop and say a prayer. It could be as simple as saying “Thank you, God.” Or “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” You could set reminders up on your phone, and have them go off near the time you get up in the morning, at noon, at the end of the “working day,” and before bed - and when the alarm goes off, simply say your prayer. 

Of course you could also pray a little more elaborately, adding the Lord’s Prayer, another favorite prayer, and/or some of your own spontaneous prayers for yourself and others. In addition, you might check out the resources in the Book of Common Prayer (or the eCP app ) -- there is nice and short set of Daily Devotions on pp. 136-140.

I think you’ll find that setting up a daily rhythm of prayer, no matter how simple or how elaborate, could be a silver lining and a blessing in this time of crisis.  Your prayer practice will become a way of regularly connecting to and grounding yourself in God. A pattern of prayer will comfort you in times of distress, it will help you find places of hope and joy, and it will feed and nourish your soul!
-- Susan
For the Church
We pray for all God’s people throughout the world; and in the Anglican Cycle of prayer this week we pray for the Anglican Church of Korea, the Most Reverend Moses Nagjun Yoo, Primate of Korea and Bishop of Daejeon .

We pray for Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Andrew, Allen, and Mary, our own Bishops.

We pray for our parish clergy, Anna, Bob, Susan, and Peter; for our director of music, Tim; for our director of children’s ministries, Ellen; and for our parish administrator, Wendy.
For Our Nation and the World
We pray for Donald, our President; for Andrew, our Governor; and for Bill, our Mayor; for Congress and local leaders; that they may lead with compassion and do justice.

We pray for healing, reconciliation, economic justice, and peace in our nation and all the nations of the world.

We pray that we may reflect the wonderful diversity of your creation among us; your loving compassion through the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Ecclesia, and our outreach efforts, and your justice through being a community that strives for peace and social and economic justice.

We pray for all those affected by COVID-19, throughout the world, and their caregivers, healthcare workers, first-responders, essentisal workers, and social service agencies, especially our own Holy Apostles staff.
For Health and Well Being
For the week of 5/17/2020:
Larry Gifford
Patrizia Eakins Martin

For the week of 5/10/2020:
David Natoli & Father Peter Carey
John Buscarello
Maura Campbell

Long Term (4/1/20 through 06/30/20):
Dr. Bruce Kramer
Dr. Jim Bonar
Dr. Raquel Forsythe & her husband, Ben Reynolds
Charles Mohacey Jr.
the Brandywine Living Seaside Point Assisted Living Facility
and the COVID-19 patient living there
Paul LoBello
Lisa & Bill Mildeberger
Nathan Linman
Carl Johnson
Katherine Pennoyer
Glenn Pennoyer
Kristine and Brent Sundberg
Mary Cole
Barbara Engler
Ethan Gibson and Linda Gibson
Roseanne Kelleher Heinricks
Norma Moy-Chin
For Those Who Have Died
The departed:
Ella Chiu
Joseph Driscoll
and for all who have died of COVID-19 virus

We pray for all those killed serving in the armed forces; and for all others killed in conflicts around the world, both civilians and combatants, unknown to us but precious to God.

We pray for the bereaved, especially: the family and friends of Ella Chiu and Joseph Driscoll.
In Thanksgiving
We pray for those who serve as Ushers and Greeters at Holy Apostles.