Prayer List -- July 31, 2020

Members and friends are encouraged to remember the intentions on the prayer list in their own prayers throughout the week.

You are welcome to add your intercessions and thanksgiving., by contacting one of the clergy, or email Wendy Shepherd at , or call the parish office (212) 807-6799 with your prayer requests. They will remain on the list for two weeks. Names may be added to the long-term list and will then remain there until the end of the current calendar quarter.

The prayer list is read at Morning Prayer on Wednesday and is also prayed daily by all the members of the parish Prayer Chain. If you would like to join the prayer chain, committing to praying the prayer list eveIry day for a month at a time, please let Mother Susan know at .
Dear Holy Apostles Family,

If you would like to have individual healing prayer with Deacon Bob or one of the Lay Eucharistic Visitors, please leave a message on Deacon Bob’s church phone: 646-998-6107 or 212-807-6799 ext. 107. State who you are and the number where you may be reached, and a Healing Team member will contact you.

 This form of prayer will be available for the duration of the time services are suspended. We are still worshiping as a community, just in a different way. Simply click here for information on Zoom worship services .
Meditation from Mother Anna
Last Sunday, a good number of parishioners stayed on Zoom for a discussion of our SummerReads book How to be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi. Professor Kendi has been a high profile—and compelling—presence in the media lately, discussing this most recent work as well as his other books Stamped from the Beginning and Antiracist Baby. His commitment to unveiling what he calls the “Stage 4 cancer of racism” in our nation is thoroughly researched and deeply felt. How to be an Antiracist is a work that challenges and inspires. Reading and discussing it together was a gift.
Our conversation last Sunday included reactions to the book, personal stories, and lots of questions. I find this very hopeful! People united around the common assumption that we all have significant work to do in dismantling racial injustice; that some of that work is painful and difficult, and all of it is absolutely essential to the health of our nation and the integrity of our communities.
And, of course, our ability to follow Jesus Christ. Archbishop Desmond Tutu has said that “racism is the ultimate blasphemy, because it could make a child of God doubt that she or he was a child of God.” How to be an Antiracist is not a faith-focused book per se, but as Christians we know that everything about who Jesus is and what Jesus does draws people to the heart of God. And as long as we shut any individual or group out of that process (or live within structures that do so) we are obstructing God’s kingdom.
Our dedication to recognizing these obstructions—both individual and systemic--is ongoing. Life-long, actually. So let’s continue the conversation. Let’s keep seeking ways to tear down racist assumptions and practices. Let’s work together to embody Christ-centered, hopeful alternatives; possibilities that celebrate the wonderful diversity of God’s creation, and all the people in it. 
-- Anna
p.s. I mentioned at announcements that the Episcopal Diocese of New York is recommending How to be an Antiracist for reading and discussion groups throughout the diocese. You can read Bishop Dietsche’s announcement about that initiative here .

For the Church
We pray for all God’s people throughout the world; and in the Anglican Cycle of prayer this week we pray for the new Province of Alexandria (created from the former Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa in the Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East), the Right Reverend Mouneer Anis, Primate .

We pray for Michael, our Presiding Bishop; Andrew, Allen, and Mary, our own Bishops.

We pray for our parish clergy, Anna, Bob, Susan, and Peter; for our director of music, Tim; for our director of children’s ministries, Ellen; and for our parish administrator, Wendy.
For Our Nation and the World
We pray for Donald, our President; for Andrew, our Governor; and for Bill, our Mayor; for Congress and local leaders; that they may lead with compassion and do justice.

We pray for healing, reconciliation, economic justice, and peace in our nation and all the nations of the world.

We pray that we may reflect the wonderful diversity of your creation among us; your loving compassion through the Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen, Ecclesia, and our outreach efforts, and your justice through being a community that strives for peace and social and economic justice.

We pray for all those affected by COVID-19, throughout the world, and their caregivers, healthcare workers, first-responders, essential workers, and social service agencies, especially our own Holy Apostles staff.
For Health and Well Being
For the week of 8/2/2020:
Patrick Finnegan

For the week of 7/26/2020 :
Raymond Scott and his family
Barbara Davison

Long Term (7/5/20 through 9/30/20):
Carl Anderson
Grace Murray
Joe Murray
Franz Klein
Tracy Carden
David Natoli & Father Peter Carey
Larry Gifford
Paul LoBello
Carl Johnson
Glenn Pennoyer
Kristine and Brent Sundberg
Mary Cole
Barbara Engler
Ethan Gibson and Linda Gibson
Roseanne Kelleher Heinricks
Norma Moy-Chin
For Those Who Have Died
The departed:
for all who have died of COVID-19 virus

We pray for all those killed serving in the armed forces; and for all others killed in conflicts around the world, both civilians and combatants, unknown to us but precious to God.

We pray for the bereaved.
In Thanksgiving
We pray for the members of Holy Apostles' Finance Committee.