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Today at 6pm Jim will be speaking at a Convention in Montrose, CO. His message will be, "I was a Man-Managed Man" and will help all the attendees to understand how to go from being Man-Managed to "God-Governed". This is an absolutely, vital message for the day we live in. Both Jim and I believe that we are entering the beginning of the end.

So please pray that Jim will have the unction of the Spirit and that all the men and women attending will be convicted to leave off their "Man-Managed" lives and to become truly God-Governed. May God be Glorified.

For all those interested in hearing this message, it was videoed Oct 6th through the Light Channel out of Europe and will be up on the You Tube channel soon thereafter. Given a few weeks after that I will get it up onto our personal You Tube Channel ... Jim & Sally Hohnberger

If you wish to watch it but are not savvy to the internet ... you can access it from our website more easily! > Scroll down the homepage to Free Videos and there is a Button (You Tube) Click on that and it will take you to our You Tube Channel. Click on the Video tab on that home page to take you inside to watch, this message and a host of other video messages for free.

Thank you,
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Jim & Sally Hohnberger
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