Prayer Requests
...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much. 
James 5:16 (KJV)

Reminders:  When you fill out a prayer request slip, please remember to PRINT ALL INFORMATION and include your first and last name. 

Prayer Requests:  Sunday,  September 13,  2020
  • Gloria Jean Gallington - health & strength, please keep me in prayer for upcoming medical appointments
  • Leigh Jackson - confession of sin & repentance; family, friends, children, self, health & strength, continued development & growth, spiritual guidance 
  • Velita Person - please keep the Person family in prayer for health and wellness, unity and continued peace. Asking for prayers for Louis Person as he returns to school this week, virtual then in school for safety and ability to learn under these circumstances.
  • Jason Sylvestre - family, children, self, health & strength, continued development & growth 
  • Gaya Williams - confession of sin & repentance of not putting God first but relying on man. Family, friends, children, health & strength, spiritual guidance; praying for God's favor in all things according to His will
  • Please keep all our students in your prayers as they return to school, in person or virtual as they are challenged with the new learning environment.
  • Our Known Sick & Shut-in:  Theresa and Ashkelon Williams (friends of F. Rivera), Margaret DeBerry, Gloria Watson, Shandora Drayton, Christal Cartwright, and Ashley Starbird (members of Bennettsville, SC CoC), Bennie Hicks, A. Nelson's father, Raymond Silva (M. Meuse's cousin), Bertha Williams, Jayden Ochieng, Hattie West, Celeste Eagel, Charles Williams (Salena Williams's husband), Darrell Reid (J. Reid's brother), Jon Thomas Dunbury, Amy Hood (Jaime Moody's friend), Jenasia Nelson (D. Pina's granddaughter), Andrea Monteiro (C. Woodley's sister), Samantha Reid (ongoing health concerns), Gwen Moore, Jeffrey DeBerry & Sam McRae (G. Gallington's cousins), Bro. Simmons's parents, Stevie Monteiro (brother of Cindy Woodley and Alicia Monteiro), Deanna Reid (Jason Reid's sister), Walter Maxwell (ongoing health issues), Shamara Morris (fibromyalgia), Joaquim Norville, Walter Person (B. Person's brother), Clifton Robbins, Hazel Maxwell, Chiquitera Adams (S. Cross's mother), Marybeth Walker (Denver Simmons's co-worker), Surayya Trott-Cann (Bermuda CoC), Charles Wright, Charley Jr. Wright (Annie Hicks's  brothers), Bertha Brown (ongoing health concerns), Juliette Mercury (ongoing health concerns), Joan Jackson (ongoing health concerns), Elizabeth Pegram, Salena Williams; Keith Rotter
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