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Prayer Requests Feb-2014
Annual Couples' Banquet
Every year we invite married couples from all our churches to come for one romantic night. We serve them a nice dinner with dessert, play romantic music, play games, and give out prizes. We also offer them a biblical and practical marriage conference! In addition, we nicely decorate the Bible Institute (candles, flowers, nice table clothes, etc). Most of these couples hardly ever have a nice date with their spouses, so we try our best with God's help to make this a very special day. We encourage our pastors to also bring non christian couples so they can hear the gospel, and get a perspective on biblical marriage. Please keep us in your prayers in our efforts to strengthen and teach biblical tools to these couples. 

Youth Outreach Event
Last year we were able to touch over two thousand teenagers and young adult through our youth outreach events. Our goal is to continue to reach even more this 2014. We do this through hip-hop and Rap concerts that include Christian dramas, Christian rap singers, one-on-one evangelism teams, bibles and tracts distribution, and a gospel message. We will have our first event in March. Please help us pray for permits and a great harvest for God's glory this 2014. We spend most of our budget money paying for the sound system, and since this year we feel led to have even more youth outreach events, we are beginning to ask the Lord to provide for our own sound system. Would you please help us pray for these matters? 

Two New Churches in 2014
In 2013 we began praying and asking the Lord to show us where and how to start a new church. The Lord gave us the vision to start two brand new churches instead of one. One of them will be a traditional church in a remote area of Matamoros with hardly any churches around. The Lord in His great grace has provided the property, building, and a pastor (he graduated from our Bible institute, and a leader of our ministry). The building needs a lot of work, so please help us pray as we begin the remodeling process.  

The second church will an urban church. Every time we have our youth outreach events we ask teenagers, "why don't you go to church? They always have the same response, "we don't feel welcome at church because of the way we dress and look, and the kind of music we listen to." Most of them dress with baggy clothes, have tattoos, wear caps, and they only listen to hip-hop music. Thus, the Lord impressed in our hearts the need to start an urban/hip-hop church to reach out to these kids. Please help us pray for God's wisdom on this matter, and for God's provision for a place to start this church. We are planning to have our very first urban church service at one of our churches this coming february 22nd. Help us pray that they feel welcome and "safe" to come to church. 

Interesting enough they will come to the bible institute and hang out with us for long periods of time (we usually have our meetings and planning for the youth events there). However, they won't come to church. Please help us pray!

Bosque Church
The work continues at Bosque church. Our goal is to finish the second floor where three sunday school classrooms, a kitchen, a fellowship hall, and a storage room will be. Please continue to help us pray for God's provision. 

Gospels' Conference at Bible Institute
Dr. John Neesley 2  
March 21-23 Dr. John Neesley pastor and seminary professor will be holding a free conference at our Bible Institute in Matamoros. The name of the conference is Gospels Alive! An Interactive Introduction to Matt, Mark, Luke & John. Please keep Dr. Neesley and the conference in your prayers. Our goal is to offer orthodox biblical tools, and encourage the believers in Matamoros.

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