Prayer Requests From Brazil
City of Youth

  • We've had some staff and social parents changes, and are praying for the right new combination of staff social parents to come in.
  • We praise the Lord because no child has been infected by the coronavirus.
  • Pray for the arrival of new children who will live on the campus, may God prepare each life.
  • Pray for the health and protection of all staff members who carry out this work.
  • Pray for Covid-19 vaccination in Brazil that will help to restore normal life for children and adolescents.
  • Pray that our children's hearts may be healed in their traumas and family problems.
Hope Mountain

  • Maria Aparecida (Social Mother): for my family and for God to keep all the evil out of my house.
  • Renata (Administrative Assistant): for my health and financial life.
  • Priscila (Financial Department): for my migraine attacks and for my daughter Isabella, who has constant nightmares.
  • Marcos (Auto body repair teacher): I'd like to request prayers for my daughter Melissa, who was diagnosed with autism, but we're noticing other disorders. She's 3 years old and has not yet developed her speech. She's also very agitated and is able to sleep only with medication. I believe in the power of prayer.
  • Aline (HR Department): for the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of employees.
  • Hayanne (Development): for Hope Mountain, that employees feel loved so that their love can overflow to our teenagers and to each other. Also that I can have the creativity and the right attitude to seek partners and resources for this project.
  • Carlos (Arts Course Teacher): I praise the Lord for my wife's recovery after suffering a stroke, and with no sequels, truly a miracle. I'm also asking prayers for the unity of our team and that the Lord may strengthen us.
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On most Fridays we will be having a ZOOM prayer meeting at 12 PM PT / 3PM EST. Come pray, hang out, and talk about whatever with Hope Unlimited staff and other supporters.

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