Online Radical Love & Prayer Convocation
Ninth of Av | Wednesday, July 29th, 7:00-9:00 pm CST
The Online Radical Love & Prayer Convocation
A call on the 9 th  of Av – the day Jews mourn the destruction of the first and second temples and the various atrocities staged against them on that same date – to mobilize prayer networks, intercessors, churches, and congregations in the US to gather online. This year, the 9 th  of Av falls on July 29-30.

This unique online event will be hosted by March of Remembrance USA in cooperation with the TOS Ministries, Germany. From Germany, TOS Ministries desires to stand together with the USA in a time of crisis, minister to them and express their gratitude for their long-standing friendship. With the message of the March of Life movement, together with numerous other speakers from the USA, TOS Ministries want to help God's call be heard for Restorers of Streets and Ambassadors of Reconciliation in the USA.

Jobst Bittner: “After the war, when Germany had hit rock bottom, it was men and women of God from America who came to bless us. We learned what faith is from you! I am so grateful for all we have received and we want to give back some of the blessing.”
Register to pray and you will receive the link by text message OR email before the event.
March of Remembrance USA is a part of the international March of Life movement, which has reached millions of people in more than 400 cities and 20 nations worldwide with its message, mobilizing tens of thousands onto the streets as ambassadors of reconciliation.

In Germany, March of Life was birthed within TOS Ministries through the radical reconciliation of the descendants of the Nazi perpetrators with the Jewish people. In Germany – a country of unmerited grace – these descendants became ambassadors of reconciliation for nations worldwide. They have learned that radical love overcomes antisemitism and racism. The fight against racism and antisemitism always starts with us! This is what the message of Jobst Bittner, founder and president of the March of Life movement and TOS Ministries, stands for.