This Week at Ascension + June 29, 2022

"Worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness." - Psalm 96
Tonight, June 29, 2022
Commemoration of
Saints Peter and Paul, Apostles

Evening Prayer at 6:00 p.m. via ZOOM

In-person and Live-streamed Said Mass at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

The Fourth Sunday after Pentecost

8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer via ZOOM

9:00 a.m. In-person Sung Mass
with Organ and Hymns

11:00 a.m. In-person & Live-streamed
Solemn High Mass

"The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few"
The Bedford Hours, c. 1410-1430, British Museum

Monday, July 4, 2022
Independence Day

In-person Said Mass at 12 Noon.

From the Curate
Prayer in Ordinary Time

There are certain times of the liturgical year when daily prayer comes more easily to me. Lent, for example. Advent too. The set apart time of 4 to 7 weeks seems to aid in the discipline of showing up every day to pray. I’m not always great about making time for personal prayer the rest of the year, especially in Ordinary Time. I’m sorry to say that clergy, too, get bogged down in life’s demands. 

A friend of mine once told me that he schedules prayer into his day as if it were an important meeting. It was at his partner’s insistence. She could discern a difference in his demeanor on the days he didn’t pray. Indeed, is there any more important meeting than a check-in with God? 

The Benedictines understood this. It is from them whom we inherit the Daily Office of Morning, Noon, and Evening Prayer as well as Compline. Did you know that the monastic tradition recognizes eight times a day to pause and offer thanks to God? 

We at Ascension regularly offer the opportunity to pray in the community of others via Morning Prayer, led by Br. Jonathan Wheat and Evening Prayer led every day on Zoom. But what if you’re unable to log on at those times or would like to incorporate a rhythm of personal prayer into your day? 

I have a few resources to recommend!

• Open your Prayer Book to page 136. Here you’ll find an abridged version of Morning, Noonday, and Evening Prayers and guidelines for finding the readings appointed for the day. (Which you can also find on the Daily Office app, offered by the Brotherhood of St. Gregory.)

• Download the Pray As You Go app. This app was created by Jesuits in the UK. The scripture passages don’t always align with our appointed readings, but I enjoy the meditation questions offered every day. I particularly enjoy the guided Saturday Examen. 

Download this prayer booklet I created for Church of the Atonement back when I was their seminarian specifically for the “long green season,” using Church Publishing’s Daily Prayer for All Seasons.

• If you find yourself unable to pray, ask others to pray for you and your needs. One way to do this is by adding a prayer to the Ascension prayer list using this form. You can choose whether you just want clergy to keep you in their prayers or share by a prayer to the Ascension prayer list.

—Mtr. Murphy-Gill
Requiescat in pace
The Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of
Ricardo Antonio Avila
will be Friday, July 8, 2022 at 11 a.m.
at Church of the Ascension.
Committal will follow in the columbarium.

Requiescat in pace
The Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of
The Rev. Wilton H. Bunch, MD. PhD., Priest,
will be Saturday, July 16, 2022 at 11 a.m.
at Church of the Ascension.
Committal will follow in the columbarium.
The Rt. Rev. Chilton Knudsen will preside.

Requiescat in pace
Funeral arrangements for Michael Paul Clark, Sr. are still pending at this time.
Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord; and let light perpetual shine upon them. May their souls, and the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
Food Pantry this Saturday
St Anthony of Padual Food Pantry
Come fill grocery bags with pantry goods and personal items for our neighbors this Saturday. This is a wonderful opportunity for service and fellowship. If you’re looking for a way to engage in the work of the Gospel, this is it!

We next extra help this month as our Food Pantry coordinator, Deacon Charles Farrell, will not be with us. We’ll gather in St. Michael Hall at 9:30 a.m. and distribute grocery bags until around noon. Stay for as long as you’re able, but we need the most help between 9:30 and 11 am.

Notes from the Organist about Sunday's Voluntaries
The opening voluntary ... The 29 year old Ludwig van Beethoven published sets of variations "for keyboards or pedal keyboards" on several popular English melodies of the day. When 'God Save the King" was first printed in 1799, it was credited to "Louis" van Beethoven. Beethoven himself probably first informally performed these along with variations on Rule, Britannia! They are dashing, classical treatments, but with a splash of Beethoven's always forward-looking writing. Soon after, on the other side of the Atlantic, that same melody which had seen so many settings and texts, was adopted by the young nation, the USA.
The closing voluntary ...  At 17, Charles Edward Ives, since 14 the local church organist in Danbury, CT, wrote a set of variations on the song America for the July 4 celebration in Brewster, NY. He loved playing the piece, calling it, "as much fun as playing baseball." Full of his trademark irreverent creativity, it, his Piano Trio, and his Psalm 90 for choir/organ/bells, were purportedly the only pieces he cared if anyone ever played after his death.

David White also promises  "two of the finest examples of early American shape note hymnody."
Acolytes Needed
In order to offer a Solemn High Mass in the manner most beloved by this congregation, we need acolytes. That means you! Thanks to illness and injury, seasonal travel, and the relocation of two former acolytes, we are in particular need for the summer. 

Serving at the altar is a tremendous gift our acolytes offer to God and this community. Giving it a try one Sunday does not commit you to a lifetime of torchbearing, though, you may find that it’s a ministry God has been calling you to. We also could use help with tech, a ministry that allows us to welcome worshippers from near and afar to our celebrations of the Eucharist. 

I urge you to spend some time in prayer asking God whether you might serve in one of these ways, and to reach out to our Verger MB Hwang ( to find out how you can help.

—Mtr. Murphy-Gill
From the Rector Search Committee

The search committee has been making progress—last Friday evening, we held a “practice meeting” of a hypothetical small group discussing what we would ask for in a rector. On Saturday, the vestry, the search committee, and Fr. Heard met with Fr. Kevin Caruso from Trinity Church, Wheaton. He has been most helpful in showing us various statistics regarding where we are and who we are as a parish. Not surprisingly, we are shown to be a parish that puts great emphasis on liturgy and music. The tools that have been used are the CAT survey and the facts gained from the tool called “Holy Cow!” have determined (as far as that is possible) many things about us as a community. The next step is to form the small discussion groups in which parishioners may have an informal opportunity to discuss what sort of parish we are and who might be the best person to govern and serve us as the next rector. Many things have been suggested by the faithful via these two tools. While they required the answering of many questions, those who soldiered on and completed it showed us many matters that will continue to assist us in our self-assessment and our future direction. Cynthia Perrizo has done much intense work to bring us to where we are now, and also the other members of the search committee. We expect to firm up dates for the small-group meetings (there will be about ten of them) in the very near future so that these meetings can be held during the month of July. It is Cynthia's and my hope that what we've found out about our parish will kindle energy and industry as we continue with our careful process of selection. If you have questions, don't hesitate to contact Cynthia or me. With the great joy of anticipation, we will continue our work until fitting candidates for the call are located and chosen. All joys to our parish as we do this labor of love.

Respectfully submitted,
Cynthia Perrizo, co-chair Rector Search Committee
David Schrader, co-chair, Rector Search Committee

Upcoming Events
Pastoral Listening Sessions Conclude on Sunday, July 10

Join Fr. Petite at 1 p.m. in St. Michael Hall, Sunday, July 10, for the last in his series on learning pastoral listening skills. This last session will cover two topics:
  • Feelings as Messengers: The Suffering is not your Problem to Solve
  • Prayer: Entering the Canopy of Vulnerability 

Prayer Requests
Do you have a need for special prayer in your life? Whether your prayer needs are because you have an upcoming surgery, an ill family member, or you’re just feeling particularly lonely lately, Fr. Heard and Mtr. Murphy-Gill would like to know.

We’ve created a way for letting us know about your requests for prayers in a way we hope makes it easy for you to reach out, though you can always call the church or reach out to one of the priests personally. 

Contribute to This Week at Ascension

If you would like to include an announcement in our weekly newsletter, please email your contribution to by Monday at noon. Include a photo if you can! 

Organ and Choral Repertoire for July 3, 2022
Variations on God Save the King WoO 78
Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
At the Entrance Procession
At the Offertory
At the Communion
439 WONDROUS LOVE (9 a.m.)
At the Retiring Procession
Variations on America [1891]
Charles E. Ives (1874-1954)

Mass Setting

Offertory Motet
Giovanni Battista Martini (1706-1784) Populum humilem
Communion Motet
Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990) Almighty Father from Mass (1971)

Chanted Mass Propers from the Graduale Romanum

Between Masses, please don’t forget that The Choir of the Ascension has recorded upwards of 60 tracks that you can listen to anywhere you have an internet connection. They can be found here:
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Weekly Ascension Schedule

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8:30 a.m. Morning Prayer via Zoom
9:00 a.m. In-person Sung Mass
11:00 a.m. In-person and Live-Streamed Solemn High Mass

7:30 A.M. Morning Prayer via FACEBOOK LIVE
6:00 p.m. Evening Prayer via Zoom

6:30 p.m. Said Mass
For our prayers: Deacon Charles Farrell, Pablo Illas, Joyce Avila, Janis Anfossi, LaVerne Saunders, Ted Saunders, August ‘Augie’ Alonzo, Beth Hall, Sue Lenz,
Brenda Martins, Claire Green, Lee Gould, Gertrude Isaac, Marty Stenson,
Paula Clark (Bishop-elect)
Birthdays: David D. Jones, 6/28; Michael Malone, 6/29
Anniversaries: The Rev. Thomas K. Heard, Ordination to the Priesthood, 6/29

Requiescat in pace: Frederick Farrell, 6/25/2022; Michael Paul Clark, Sr., 6/20/2022; Ricardo Avila, 6/16/2022; Joseph R. DuciBella, 6/29/2007; Robert M. Susman, 6/30/2018; Mary Frances Green, 7/1; Elizabeth Josephine Smith, 6/30/2018;
Bernard Maxwell, 7/2/2003
Rest eternal grant unto them, O Lord, and let light perpetual shine upon them;
May their souls and the souls of all the departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

The Rev. Thomas Heard, Interim Rector

The Rev. Meghan Murphy-Gill, Curate

Susan Schlough, Treasurer

Br. Nathanael Deward Rahm BSG, Parish Office
Vestry of Church of the Ascension
Ken Kelling, Sr. Warden; LaVerne Rollé Saunders, Jr. Warden;
Ian Barillas-McEntee, Jim Lo Bello, Ken Cozette, Marlea Edinger, Sean Hansen, George Pineda, Joshua Simpson, Sam Sommers, Enrique Vilaseco, Vestry
Approved minutes of Vestry meetings are always available online to parishioners who request the link. If you would like Internet access to these Vestry Minutes, please email the Parish Office and request the link. Once you access the web page, you can read all recent Vestry meeting minutes.
The link remains live indefinitely. Any parishioner who has the link will not need to request a new link from month to month.