Dear Prayer Partners,

Well ... it's over. Another week of Royal Family Kids Camp for the summer is in the books. Two sessions down and one more to go in a couple of weeks. (more on that later)

Got me to thinking as I looked around at the counselors saying goodbye to their campers and seeing all the support staff do whatever they could do to help the transition go as smooth as possible today. I thought, "What wouldn't we do for these kids!"

It's really not a question but more of a exclamation! These kids are so precious. They have been through some level of abuse and neglect yet the smiles on their faces after a week of camp would show otherwise. There were tears shed today as one camper was overheard saying about RFKC, "I want to live there". Another counselor was consoling a little girl promising to see her next year at camp. A boy camper asking his counselor, "Can you be my counselor next year too?".

What wouldn't we do for these kids! As noted from the picture below, some of our counselors would even kiss a fish if their camper didn't want to. :-)

I love our counselors. I love our support staff. And I love these kids.

Thanks for your prayers this week.


p.s. If you know of anyone who is able to go to our 3rd session (7/28-8/2), we are still in need of male counselors, fishing help, woodworking help, and some other support staff roles. Have them contact me directly ASAP so we can get them ready for our next session.