Dear Prayer Partners,

Here's a story from our scribe who has done a great job during the week conveying stories and experiences from camp:

God’s Special Possession

If you’ve ever experienced Royal Family Kids Camp, you most likely remember what Friday’s feel like.  Grateful for your buddy counselor and other staff to lean on, we the village, come together to end the successful week at camp.  We eat our final meal with the campers and then head back in buses to the church to hand the campers off to their families.  For campers and staff alike, this is just a heart-felt day.  We sit together to watch a slideshow remembering all the fun activities we did during the week, have a prayer of thanksgiving and hope, and say our goodbyes.  Glancing across the auditorium full of families, campers, counselors, and staff members, I imagine this is just a glimpse of what Heaven will look and sound like.  Children dancing up and down the aisles, families embracing each other with laughter, and praise being sung together.  This week’s Bible verse was straight out of 1 Peter 2:9, “But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession.” 

Collectively, we have a duty to love on these kids and teach them their value in our Lord Jesus Christ.  This week has been an amazing reminder of just how to do that.  Thank you for walking alongside us as we pour truth and life into every camper we impacted this week at Royal Family.  Please continue to pray for our counselors as we grieve for these kids, and for the campers as they start a new school year.

We sang a song all week called "We are Royals" and there's a line that says "We don't wonder that we belong. We've found our home in the Father's love". I think that line and the scribe's note sums up what an amazing week this has been for all of us.

Thanks for praying for us and these kids this week.



  • Praying for the kids as they transition back home
  • Praying for our counselors as they transition back home
  • Praying for our upcoming weekend retreats that will start in September