Dear Prayer Partners,

Thursday was a day of SURPRISES! This day is very special for all of our campers, counselors, and staff.

At the lake the fish were biting along with the mosquitos. A camper of the name Ebony caught 3 fish and our teen helper Bella caught the biggest fish of the whole week! Bella waned to share, she was praying to God in the morning thanking him for the beauty in the world and within that moment was when she caught the fish.

The girls had a very exceptional moment today, because today they had their “Royal Tea Party”. This event is a tradition for the girls that attend the camp every year. The girls had an opportunity to receive a dress on Wednesday. This is very exciting! On Thursday the girl campers spend time getting their hair, nails, and make up done. The entire camp and others help in transforming the dining room into a space set for an elegant affair filled with beautiful place settings, treats, tea, and sophistication. The girls line up from their dorm and walked to the dining room, at the same time the rest of the campers cheered the girls on. Each girl is announced and escorted to their seats. At this event one a girl camper named Sarah was feeling self-conscious and was nervous. When her nerves kicked in, our special team of helpers came to the rescue. It was not until Sarah’s peers came in and loved on her and gave her powerful words of encouragement to break out her shell. Sarah was able to enjoy the tea party with all the others.

The boys had their own unique experience. We were able to show them a "secret part of camp" that the girls have never been to which was quite the surprise to many of them. There the boys were able to play and show off their skills in a game of strategy, speed and strength. It was a fun to show some of the older boys this area of camp as it got them very excited as the transition to the weekend retreats, Onward & Upward and Summit.

Today, we are wrapping up camp with fun and meaningful activities this morning. We will be leaving camp just after lunch.

Thanks for your continued prayers all week.



  • Praying for the kids today. Some will start to shut down and act out. Praying for their counselors as well. Exhaustion is at a high level on all sides.
  • Praying for the bus drivers who will be driving the kids back home to the DFW area today. Pray for their safety and health.
  • A big thanks to all our volunteers who came out to help put on the Royal Tea party!