Dear Prayer Partners,

The gym at camp is dark. Literally. There are no lights on at the moment, but you almost need sunglasses to see. Neon-coated cones line the floor, neon lights wrap the basketball hoops, and cards with neon writing line all four walls. Balls are wrapped with neon tape, and balloons with neon lights in them are tied to goal posts or taped strategically to walls, like colored planets in the dark of space. It’s a brite lite masterpiece, put together by Coaches Jay and Cindy for game night.
Campers come in, adjusting their eyes to the neon glowing room. Coach Jay continues to fill balloons, turning on the tiny lights within, before swatting them toward the kids.

As the games continue, Jay notices a small boy staring at a balloon. “Hey, buddy. Would you like a balloon?” he asks.

“Yes!” is the excited response.

Jay prepares another balloon, turning on the light. He hands the boy the balloon. As the boy takes it, Jay can see the Camper’s face through the sheer yellow balloon. His large brown eyes are magnified by the balloon, huge as hockey pucks, and Jay sees him inspecting the tiny light inside. The Camper shifts his gaze and his hand, now revealing his mouth. Jay sees the boy smile, enlarged by the balloon’s cover, a huge, cheek-to-cheek open-toothed smile that reveals real delight.

The boy runs off, and Jay sees him go to a wall where notes are taped. The boy is obviously searching for his counselor’s name. He meticulously reads several cards and then continues. After reading more cards, he stops and leans intently toward the wall. Jay knows the Camper has found the note cards written and signed by his counselor. He watches the boy read. He turns, still smiling, and rejoins the games.

Jay walks over to the cards where the boy was last reading and reads one:
Darius, I am glad I met you this week. I want you to know that you are unique and wonderfully made.

Another says:
Hayden, You are strong. Use your strength to do good things.

And another:
Eric, Nothing can ever separate you from God’s love.

Marshall, You’re awesome! I am looking forward to a great week with you. Remember that God loves you.

Simple words spoken from the heart, shared from counselor to camper. Bringing light to the hearts and minds of campers.

Thanks for your continued prayers all week.



  • Praying for the kids today. Some will start to shut down and act out. Praying for their counselors as well. Exhaustion is at a high level on all sides.
  • Praying for the bus drivers who will be driving the kids back home to the DFW area today. Pray for their safety and health.
  • A big thanks to all our volunteers who came out yesterday to help put on the Royal Tea party!