Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are some sweet observations from our scribe ...

It's Monday morning and excitement of 1st day of camp. Kids will be arriving around 11:15ish and all is “buzzing.”  Counselors are hurrying to get their rooms decorated and name signs ready to help find their campers. Each counselor will be responsible for 2 campers. Oh the “anticipation!!! Staff members are getting their activities ready to begin after lunch. The excitement is “growing!!”
It's time for the buses to come rolling in. “Everyone get your signs ready to go out and greet the buses.” Girls are on the 1st bus. Boys on the 2nd bus. Staff and counselors on the outside excitedly yelling and waving signs. Doors open and out come the excited campers. Some returning campers come racing out the doors and into the arms of last year's counselors. Most campers are walking around to find their name and counselor for this year. Some find names immediately while others ask staff to help find their name. Luggage off the buses and campers are ready to go find their rooms.
As I walk down the halls of the dorm I stop at one room to find the girls excited about the looks of their room and finding their bed. One camper, Beth Anne, was excited about showing her cube with crayons, activity book, markers and other goodies. She is excited and has everything organized in its place. Going to the next room I discover two girls throwing some small pillows back and forth then make a pillow throwing game out of them. (Some ladies from Legacy Church of Christ Women's Ministry made these small fleece pillows for each individual camper.) Moving on down the hall there was a room with all the girls and counselors sitting crisscross, in a circle on the floor, playing a game.  While watching the game I noticed a sweet young lady laying across the bed watching. I gently went over to ask if she was not interested in playing and she looked at me with a sad face and shook her head “no.” I visited with her for a bit and told her that maybe once she watched she would decide to play. I will be excited to check on her a little later.

As you can see, some of the kids transition well on the first day while others will hopefully get excited about camp tomorrow. In the meantime, thank you for your prayers!



  • Praying for a couple of our campers who are having a tough time adjusting to the schedule and routine of camp. We are working a team of people to help get the kids settled in so they can enjoy the rest of the week.
  • Praying for Tuesday - this is the longest day for most of us, especially the kids. We have some special events on Wednesday and Thursday to make the days feel shorter but Tuesday is unique. Today (Monday) felt long for many of us so we are praying for a great Tuesday for these kids.
  • Praying for our counselors - praying for their continued strength and for God's love to pour into these kids.