Dear Prayer Partners,

Tonight I want to introduce you to an amazing young boy who got off the bus today. For this email, we will call him "Z-Man".

Before I tell you more about Z-Man, I'm reminded of God's word in Psalm 139 where it says, "You are fearfully and wonderfully made." Today was a good reminder of that message.

Z-Man came to us with a history as most of these kids do. Some have been abused. Some have been abandoned. Z-Man came to us with 2 prosthetic legs. One leg is pretty much non-existent from his knee down. The other is a little less pronounced but Z-Man has challenges. We don't know his whole story but we can only imagine what he has had to endure in his small 8 year old life.

And while you may be feeling really sad for Z-Man right now (and you'd be correct to do that), just don't tell him. Z-Man has done everything without complaining and is very engaged. At times, we've offered to give him accommodations so he can avoid a physical activity but he won't have it. He's all boy and he's all in.

Z-Man is why we are here. It's why this ministry exists thanks to so many of our wonderful partners. Again, we don't know his whole story but there is a story there. Our prayer is that Z-Man will continue to thrive at camp all week and his life will continue to be filled with hope and the love of God each and every day.

Thank you for your prayers!



  • Praying for one of our counselors who left today to go home because of illness. Pray that he gets well soon and that no one else here gets sick.
  • Praying for Tuesday - this is the longest day for most of us, especially the kids. We have some special events on Wednesday and Thursday to make the days feel shorter but Tuesday is unique. Today (Monday) felt long for many of us so we are praying for a great Tuesday for these kids.
  • Praying for our counselors - praying for their continued strength and for God's love to pour into these kids.