Dear Prayer Partners,

Day one of camp is over and we are off to a good start. It’s been hot but we are thankful to be able to spend time with the kids here at camp. Good starts can also provide challenges. Today was no different and we covet your prayers for a special situation here at camp.

One of the boys who arrived today is on the Autism spectrum. We’ve had other “spectrum kids” in the past, so we were open to having him at camp this week. He is a 6-year old boy who was having difficulty adapting to the structure of our camp schedule. We have had multiple moments today where he needed extra attention from his counselor and our support staff.

After some prayer and a conversation with the foster parent back home, I made the decision that it is in the best interest of everyone involved that he returns home tomorrow morning. A decision like this is not something I like to do and have not done very often in the 21 years of hosting Royal Family Kids Camp.

We are asking you to pray for this young boy’s transition back home on Tuesday. Pray for his foster family who will be receiving him earlier than they planned. Pray for his counselor, Parker, who is saddened by this decision, as we all are.

And pray for this young boy. We are praying that after some involvement in a more structured home environment and with time, he will be able to join us at a future RFKC session.

I’ll close with a prayer card that was submitted last night by one of our counselors: “Jesus, I ask you put a complete hedge of protection over every person at camp this week. Please give my campers complete peace of mind while they’re with me this week. Give us patience with each other and positive attitudes. Give me wisdom on how to best connect with my campers and how to keep them at peace all week.”