Dear Prayer Partners,

This year is a special year, because the nation faced a unique challenge that only God could have foreseen, and it was through God’s grace that we came back together. Monday, June 14, 2021, the first day of camp and the moments before campers arrive the counselors/staff rally up the last of the preparations. Sometime after 11am the campers ARRIVE! The energy is filled with joy, excitement and a sense of adventure!

Inspired is the word that overwhelmed the first impressions from the campers. As they dove into their activities, they took the opportunity to show off their hidden talents. Hidden talents and passions that we learned about drawing, fashion design, and hearts of service. One in particular came from a camper named Journey.

As soon as Journey came to know her counselor, she let her counselor know right away that she would want to grow up to be a K-9-unit police officer. It was at “imagination station “I met young Journey; the cop costume was her go to. Journey proudly announced her future ambitions. Within that moment it became clear this week with our Royal Family campers was going to be groundbreaking for the future generations. It is with great anticipation for the next four days of camp.

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • We are asking that you pray for a young camper we will call "J" (God knows his name). "J" is having a very difficult time adjusting to camp and is lashing out to others. Pray for peace and pray that "J" will enjoy the rest of his week.