Dear Prayer Partners,

Camp Akiva has a new staff member for the July camp, Lisa.

Lisa has financially supported Royal Family Kids Camp for more than 10 years and has participated in camp “work” days here and there. But she never took the step to attend camp until someone personally invited her. To this specific camp. To the July 2021 camp. She is 63 and has never attended a camp—any camp—in her life. It is daunting for her—she has no experience to rely on, but something is tugging at her heart. She knows it is time to put her faith into action.

Attending training, she learns that there are 100 “golden” hours where Campers’ spirits are fed, confidence is built, and a renewed hope for a bright future begins to grow in these Campers. She learns that many Campers are scared to attend camp at all (yes! She can relate to that!), that some are scared to swim, that some are scared to reach out to make new friends. She is determined to be part of the effort to help these kiddos understand that they have a Father who loves them.

Arriving at camp the day before Campers arrive, she moves her bag and bedding into her assigned room and meets one of her roommates. “Ah! This is exactly what Campers will experience,” she realizes. Along with other volunteers, she attends a worship service where staff and counselors pray over every camper, counselor, staff member, foster parent, and parent. God’s spirit is moving and telling her that He really is in control and that He’s got this. She prays, “Just let me be your vessel, Lord, and help me to accomplish Your plan.” She goes to bed tired but confident that she should be here.

That same night, Mikey, who is six, gets nervous. He tells his foster mother that he’s changed his mind. “No, I don’t want to go!” he says. “I don’t know anyone, and I won’t know what to do.” His foster mother calls Director Darren, and explains that Mikey is nervous and now doesn’t want to go. Director Darren advises Mikey’s foster parent to go to the OFC website and show Mikey the pictures and videos of camp—to show him how much fun he will have and that staff and his counselor are waiting just to meet him.

The next day, Mikey, still unsure, gets on the camp bus. He still doesn’t know what to expect, but he is willing to give camp a try. Once at camp, Mikey gets off the bus and finds his counselor, who has a sign with his name on it. His counselor begins talking to him about his bus ride, and Mikey knows camp is starting off OK.

 At the same time, Lisa watches the Campers get off the bus. She sees faces that are happy, anxious, excited, scared. And she knows that camp for her is starting off OK. “God’s got this,” she thinks again. And then realizes that putting her faith into action wasn’t really about volunteering at all. It was about putting her faith in the Father and His plan.

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • We have several former campers serving as counselors. This is so great but also can be tough for them. Pray for each of them.
  • Pray for some of our young 6 year olds as they spend a week away from home.