Dear Prayer Partners,

It's amazing to be here for the final session of summer camp. And for some of us, we are just a few days removed from finishing our 2nd session. It's been a busy summer! So thankful to be here and we eagerly await the children arriving tomorrow around lunch.

Before the kids arrive, we took some time tonight as volunteers to work through prayer exercises with our group. You can see those in the photos above. We prayed scriptures over the kids, wrote prayerful notes of encouragement to them to be displayed during "Cosmic Day" and wrote prayer notes that will be displayed on Post-it notes for them to see throughout the week! It was a great night.

We also spent about 30 minutes in worship and I loved hearing their voices praising God during that special time.

Thank you for your prayers!



  • Praying for the kids safe arrival at camp on Monday about 10:30-11:00am!!
  • Praying for some of our volunteers who were unable to join us this year. We are missing them and we know they miss being here for the kids.
  • Praying for the safety of everyone at camp - no illnesses!