Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are some sweet stories from our scribe ...

Bibbidi Boppity Boop

Thursday is a very special day here at the Royal Family, as young princesses are treated like royalty, the true beauty they are.  In preparation for a day of all things girly, young ladies choose a glamorous gown at Clara’s Closet, bedazzle themselves in glittery make-up, paint their fingernails, wear fancy costume jewelry, and of course, get their crowns placed in just the right spot.  Counselors and staff members provide an opportunity for these young ladies to get pampered for such an exceptional event.  In preparation for the occasion, a sweet moment occurred Wednesday night after the young camper girls showered and got ready for bed.  Nurse Keyshia came in to help these girls feel extra special.  Girls lined up down the hall to get their hair styled and braided by this glorious Royal Godmother.  While braiding the young princesses' hair, Nurse Keyshia spoke life into these young ladies.  She taught them about the products she was using, the importance of taking care of your hair, and also about their beauty and worth.  Throughout the week, we have become aware that every conversation can be used to build up, speak life, truth, and love into their lives.  Can you remember one person who made you feel special and valued?  How are we accepting the permission to build others up?

Dude Royal

Boys allowed to be boys, that’s Dude Royal.  What words would you use to describe what little boys are made of?  Here at Royal Family, all boys, all children, are invited to be their true authentic selves.  At Dude Royal (inspired by the YouTube sensations Dude Perfect), every young prince participates in games to show their strength, skill and dignity.  As prayer warriors for these lives, we know they all come to us with baggage and life trauma no little one should have to carry.  We are here to make a difference.  For Dude Royal, the boys are split into groups to participate in the games: The Gauntlet, The Ring Toss, The Towers, Angry Birds, and Racing the Radar.  Racing the Radar seems to be a top hit for these young men, as they get to race against a police radar to see how fast they are able to run.  Today’s record: 14 mph on foot!  That’s impressive.  These kids are a part of a royal priesthood, and we have given them permission to show up and shine.  And by the smiles they seem to enjoy it all.

These stories from our scribe continue to put a smile on my face and I hope they encourage you as well.

It has been a great week and we finish things out tomorrow.


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  • Praying for the kids. Some will start to shut down and act out knowing the last day of camp is Friday. Praying for the counselors as well to have the courage and strength to finish camp strong.
  • Praying for our bus drivers who will be driving the kids to DFW on Friday. Praying for their health and safety.
  • Thanksgiving prayers for all those who came out to help with the Royal Tea Party.
  • Thankful for NO sickness!