Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are some sweet stories from our scribe ...

Here at camp we have campers of all types, shapes and sizes. They have different talents and personalities. One particular camper is a young lady we will call Elaine. She is described as being sweet, courteous, friendly and sometimes quiet but has a few difficulties to overcome. During yesterday's Kids Club she was given an opportunity to show a special talent that we were not aware of. Elaine and two other campers were asked to draw a picture of anything they wanted to. Within 5 minutes she had produced a great drawing! It was an "animae". (see her holding the picture with her buddy camper above). Everyone was amazed with her results and talent. It made Elaine feel so proud for accomplishing such a feat and brought a great big smile to her face. This is what camp is all about!! It gives these children an opportunity they may not otherwise experience.

Finishing lunch today the girls had some excitement going on! They needed to go back to their rooms to prepare for a beautiful Royal Tea Party. The Dining Hall was decorated by some sweet ladies and set up for the tea party. The girls, with the help of their counselors and girl teen helpers, put on make-up and fixed their hair with ribbons, bows and tiaras. Then they put on their dresses, their shoes and wrist corsages. It was hard for them to contain their excitement! Finally the time came when they were to go to the Dining Room for their Tea Party. But this was not just any walk. All staff, counselors and boys lined up along the sidewalk from the dorm to the Dining Hall to watch them. Some royal music began to play and the girls walked in procession style, down the sidewalk. Everyone shouted and cheered on the girls telling them how beautiful, awesome, pretty and glamorous they were. It was quite the sight and sound!! It could cause a person to have goosebumps! After they walked into the Dining Hall, they were escorted and announced, one by one, by a male staff member, Uncle or Grandpa. Then they were directed to a table to sit. The Tea Party begins. Each table was served with lots of goodies and the girls were helped to whatever they chose to eat. They talked, visited, ate and had a great time. The main hostess, Ms. Shanna, welcomed the girls and told them how much they were loved and appreciated. The girls were also presented with a tea cup/saucer to take home with them. This was such an exciting afternoon for all of these young ladies.

At the end of the Tea Party one of the young ladies went to say “Hi” to Grandpa Aubrey. He asked her if she was ready to go swimming and she replied, “I can't go now, I'm too beautiful!”

These stories from our scribe continue to put a smile on my face and I hope they encourage you as well.


p.s. If you have not seen our previous emails from earlier this week, click here for our daily reports on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.


  • Praying for the kids. Some will start to shut down and act out knowing the last day of camp is Friday. Praying for the counselors as well to have the courage and strength to finish camp strong.
  • Praying for our bus drivers who will be driving the kids to DFW on Friday. Praying for their health and safety.
  • Thanksgiving prayers for all those who came out to help with the Royal Tea Party.