Dear Prayer Partners,

Zayonna and her fellow Campers are having quiet time. They’ve just finished an hour jettisoning themselves around the camp’s large pool, splashing and twirling away on pool tubes, acting out underwater pantomimes that mimic mermaids.

As the girls rest, Counselor Ashlyn turns on soft Christian music. Soon, it’s time to grab snacks and then the group is off to activity centers.

As a counselor, you never know exactly what things or people God is going to use to reach these Campers, just that He will use something or someone. That’s why it is so important to stress the Royal Family Kids’ Camp value of good character and to be prepared for God’s timing.

Later, at dinner, Zayonna asks her counselor if the word “foundation” means trust?
“Oh! Where did you hear that word?” asks Ashlyn, probing to get more context.
“In a song today,” replies Zayonna.

“Ah! I remember that song. Yes, it means what you base your life on.”

“Well, Jesus is going to be my strong foundation,” Zayonna declares.

Ashlyn beams. “That’s a really good decision,” she says.

Thank you, Father God, for the work you are doing in Zayonna’s heart and life. Thank you, Lord, for helping use music that honors You to reach and teach the importance of having Jesus as the foundation. And thank you for softening Zayonna’s heart to choose You to rely on.

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • Praying for the kids as they approach the end of the week. Some will start to shut down and act out. Praying for their counselors as well.
  • Tonight on Thursday we have special events for the girls (Royal Tea Party) and the boys (Royal Knights). Praying these go smoothly.
  • A big thanks to all our volunteers who came out to help put on the birthday party! It was a huge hit!