Dear Prayer Partners,

Leaders can come in all shapes and sizes. Today at fishing, one of the younger boys (we call them the “itty bitties” and for this story, we’ll call him Stephan) was having trouble getting a fish to bite. He was getting frustrated the more time went along. Kids are often left with a baited fishing pole while their counselor and staff tend to all of the other kids.

Enter one of our 11-year olds. He was there fishing at the same time with his counselor and some of the other older kids. We will call him Leonard.

Leonard is a kid who has been coming to Royal Family Kids Camp since he was able to do so. Everyone at camp knows sweet, quiet, shy Leonard. He’s a little larger than the other boys his age so it’s hard not to notice him. He has a heart almost as big as he is though… and everyone knows it. Today, that came through.

So back to our story. Stephan was becoming more and more agitated that he was not getting anything on the end of his hook while watching other boys cast and immediately catch a perch or a small bass. That’s when sweet Leonard noticed what was going on. Without asking or telling anyone, he put his own pole down and went over to check on Stephan. Leonard began to help Stephan and teach him a few things he had learned about fishing over his years at camp.

And then it happened … Stephan caught a fish!! Everyone was thrilled but no one more excited than Stephan. (Ok, Leonard was a little excited too!)

It’s moments like this for Stephan that will make his week. For us, it’s years of watching an 11-year-old boy use his role as one of the older boys at camp to lend a helping hand.

And for Leonard, that is what we’ve been doing for him since he was an “itty bitty” himself at Royal Family Kids Camp.

Thank you for your prayers!



  • Pray for the kids who are returning home
  • Pray for the counselors who will have difficulty with separation
  • Pray for the caregivers that they will be rested after this week