Dear Prayer Partners,

Tonight our email will take on a slightly different tone. But we know our prayer partners will appreciate the message tonight.

We have multiple campers who are struggling with behavior issues that have affected other campers. Below are descriptions or three particulars kids at camp that we would plead you to pray for this week. (we have changed the names but God knows who they are)
Anna is beautiful 7 year old girl with significant trauma history. She is extremely defiant and has trouble with appropriate social engagement. She is very sensitive to physical touch and struggles with inappropriate behavior.
Beth is a 10 year old girl whose foster father met us at registration. He told us of her struggles and what helps her. She is defiant and has extreme control issues. She is aggressive (throwing rocks at cars and people) and has tantrums and lies. She is the child that goes left if told to go right.  She loves dogs and her reward for good behavior is time with one of the dogs at camp.
Charlie is an 11 year old boy who has control issues and a strong attitude. He is defiant but much better than years past. Unfortunately a very recent loss of a loved one has caused him to struggle more so than he would otherwise.

Thank you for your prayers!



  • The kids listed above and many more that are struggling
  • Pray for the counselors and support staff who are working closely with the kids to make it a great week of camp