Dear Prayer Partners,

Each night at bedtime Grandpa Stephen joins a room of boys and counselors to read a story from the Bible. This week, Grandpa Stephen gifted each boy a book “50 Heroes of the Bible” and decided to have the boys pick a story from that book. All the boys in this room voted to have Grandpa Stephen read about Jesus. 

The story and theme of Jesus and His life focused on how the most heroic acts of Jesus were His acts of love. This prompted several thoughtful questions from the boys. Yet as in most groups, there was one boy who chose to read his comic book during the entirety of the bedtime story. The Lord put it on Grandpa Stephen’s heart to talk to this boy and ask him to choose any page from the book. The page he turned to had Psalm 37:4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart This perked the boy’s interest. Grandpa Stephen then told him, “This scripture is just for you.” The boy showed delight and asked “Really, this is for me?” 

As Grandpa Stephen left the room he looked over at the camper and saw that he had put his comic book down and was now actually reading his Bible. The most delightful part of this story is how the next morning at breakfast this little boy came up to Grandpa Stephens and recited Psalm 37:4 ... all by himself.

Thank you for your prayers!


PRAYER REQUESTS: This was a prayer we read at our staff meeting tonight:

"I pray that all the campers enjoy their week here at camp and have a moment that will stick with them the rest of their life."