Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are some sweet stories from our scribe ...
The story of the pebble, or boulder, or The Rock

In the dining hall, campers gather around the table alongside their counselors and possibly a few staff members.  At table 7, a table full of young adventurous boys, one of the campers could not stop staring at staff member, photographer Rick.  Finally, the young man built up the courage to share with his table, “We are sitting with ‘The Rock’s’ dad (aka movie star, Dwayne Johnson)!”  Photographer Rick had a good laugh about the comment.  Day two of sitting across from “The Rock’s dad”, the boys are now trying to rename photographer Rick.  “Maybe The Boulder,” one camper suggested.  “How about The Pebble,” another shared.  The connection made between the men around this table is priceless.  It’s easy to get in the routine and activities here at camp, but what a good reminder to hear the impact even just a face can make in these campers' lives.  I am not sure they even know his true name, but they find a sense of connection and value to photographer Rick.  To the world we may look like just ordinary people, but to these kids it's as if we are a fill in superhero.  

Royal Family

First night at camp, a young girl was not feeling too well.  Camp nurses came in to check on her, she was running a little bit of a fever, and thankfully tested negative for Covid.  The little girl was truly wanting to go home, but at the same time didn’t want to leave camp.  Then, her Royal Family showed up.  When you don’t feel well, it could take a while for you to feel better.  The princesses, campers and counselors, in her room worked together to come up with a way to try and help her feel better.  Hoping to surprise her, they secretly worked together to write get well cards and draw pictures for their friend.  They placed them right inside of her suitcase, in hopes that when she got home she would open it up and see the sweet notes they wrote to her.  How precious is the heart of a child that wants to give and help without even knowing the outcome of this story.  This is a great reminder that these children are constantly watching and being led by example.  What we do matters, and encouraging their beauty to uplift and care for others is incredibly powerful.

The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish

Breaking News: Matthew, one of the staff here at Royal Family in charge of fishing, witnessed the most amazing discovery today.  Young camper, Princess Royal herself, age 6, caught the biggest BlueGill fish this camp has seen yet.  Princess Royal described the fish as “It was THIS big!”, motioning about 3 feet long with her little arms.  Everyone cheered and praised the Princess for her great accomplishment!  In the famous words of William Shakespear, “Though she be but little, she is fierce!”  This is a core memory this Princess may never forget. 

Sweet stories like this tell me that the campers are starting to settle in and get comfortable at camp. That is an answer to your prayers.

Today was the longest day of the week. We are close to bedtime so we should all sleep well tonight. With all that said, it's been another great day at camp.



  • Praying for tomorrow's Birthday Party. We have a crew coming out to help so we are asking you to pray for their safe arrival.
  • Praying for our counselors - today was a long day and we are starting to see some weariness set in. Pray for their continued strength and patience.
  • Praying for our teen helpers - we have a great group of young helpers who are doing an amazing job. Some of them were past campers so watching them in a new role is fun!
  • Praying for no sickness!