Dear Prayer Partners,

Day two has been a day of grace and discovery. So much more was flowing. Spin art was up and running for all who could come. The campers were very excited to either “hammer out” their inner frustrations at the wood working station or create crosses/ plaques. Showing off their drawing skills and knowledge of superhero’s in “Canvas Bags”. The day was fueled with much to do.

Campers had a lot of fun at the gym with new games to discover. Even though some campers had difficulty dealing with their emotions. A staff member with extra paper and pens suggested to draw out their feelings. So, they sat down on the sidelines to draw pictures. One of the girls named Hannah drew 2 pictures a butterfly and Elsa (Frozen).
A quick narrative from one of our boys’ counselors. We are with our camper Levi W. and counselor Taylor. Taylor shared his worship music with his campers and Levi shared his honest thoughts about worship music: Levi said, “I used to think God was the one singing”. This thought that Levi had was charming and heartfelt. Taylor simply explained the song writers take from their own experiences from God and tell the story from there. It is with all the little moments we share that bring in the big picture.

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • One of our staff members had to leave camp tonight unexpectedly to take care of a family member. Praying for that family and for those who are stepping in to help cover their jobs here at camp.