Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are 3 great stories from our scribe talking about "Giving the Royal Treatment":

One of the core values of Royal Family Kids Camp is to treat people royally. Both staff and counselors strive to model behaviors that empower Campers to make wise life choices and develop positive relationships.
It is the second day of camp, and Campers are beginning to overcome their initial shyness. During Kids’ Club, Campers have an activity to keep a beach ball bouncing in the air in their section. Camper Keith, who is sitting in the back, gets the chance to bounce the ball in the air, but he misses. He looks downcast. Camper Ryan, who is sitting near the front sees Keith’s reaction. When Ryan has the opportunity to bounce the ball, he instead catches it and walks to the back of the section, near Keith. “Hey, Keith,” he calls out. Keith looks up, and Ryan bounces the ball to him. Keith smiles and bounces the ball.
Thank you, Lord, that this Camper is choosing to befriend a fellow Camper who is struggling.
At lunch, Camper Jillian tugs on her counselor’s hand. “I see Nurse Julie,” she says. “I need to speak to her.” Reaching Julie, Jillian looks up and says, “I want to thank you. You helped me feel so much better when I wasn’t feeling good.” Julie smiles and says she is glad Jillian feels well.
Thank you, Lord, that this Camper is choosing to treat another person royally.
During quiet time, Parker, a first-time counselor, takes out a prayer rope. He prays, “Please help me show your love, Lord, to these Campers” while he ties a single knot in the rope. Then, while untying the strand, he prays, “Keep them safe.” Six-year-old Carson asks what he is doing. Parker explains the prayer rope to him, saying he speaks to God, saying one thing while tying the knot; he says another thing while untying the knot. Carson asks if he can pray. Parker gives him the cord, and Parker prays, “Please watch over my counselor,” and then, “Give him peace.”
Thank you, Lord, that this Camper is choosing to communicate with you, King of Kings.
Minute by minute, God’s spirit is visibly moving through camp and through hearts, delivering royal treatment indeed.


Hope you enjoyed these stories! Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • Pray for one of our staff member's elderly mother who is having knee surgery on Wednesday. It's hard to be away from our loved ones during times like this.
  • Continued prayers for the health and safety of everyone at camp.