Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are some sweet stories from our scribe ...
What a great week we are having and the stories are coming in. There are so many fun activities for the kids to enjoy, as well as the attention from all. Today is HAPPY BIRTHDAY day and the kids enjoyed a party this evening. Such joy in the air!!!! Now for some stories:
We have one little boy, we will call Gary. He came to camp for the first time last year. His counselor was Mr. Todd. Evidently Mr. Todd made such an impression on Gary that he spent this whole past year talking about Mr. Todd and how much he loved being with him. He told his mom about Mr. Todd, even his babysitter. He was having high hopes about coming back to camp this summer and was praying he would be able to have Mr. Todd again. The day finally came when he loaded the bus in anticipation of coming to camp. As he got off the bus he looked around to find his name. When he finally found it, there stood Mr. Todd smiling really big. Hooray, Mr. Todd was to be his counselor again!!!! 
In visiting with Counselor Luke he shared a precious story about the boys he and Counselor Braxton were with this week. It appeared that of their four boys, three of them were able to take the swimming test and passed it. This meant they could swim in the deep end of the pool. It also meant that they could swim in the pond where there was a trampoline, “The Blob” to jump onto, trapeze swing to drop out over the water, etc. If they chose to go to the pond one of the four boys, Davy, would have to stay back at the pool by himself. He was afraid to try to take the swim test. So, the three that passed their test decided to tear off their bracelets (received when passing the test) so they could take the test again with Davy. Off they went to test again, passing again but Davy did not. Come to find out he could not swim! Now their counselors have set out to help him learn to swim. Later this week the boys will take the test once again with Davy in hopes that he will pass. I think these boys learned a great lesson!!!
Counselor Braxton shared another note that really touched my heart. He was checking on his boys at bedtime and found that one of them was crying. Braxton quietly asked him what was going on and he said he missed his dad. Braxton commented that there were just a few more days of camp and then he could go home and see his dad.  “But my dad is in prison!” he said.  Braxton explained that he is adopted and has not ever been able to know or see biological dad. But then he said, “Our real Father is in Heaven; he will always be with us and watch over us.” He continued to explain that our Father in Heaven will always take care of us in good times and bad. This satisfied his camper and he was ready to go to sleep for the night.
Finishing out the day the campers were presented with balloons, lots of decorations, hamburgers/fries and cupcakes at dinner and EVERYONE'S BIRTHDAY PARTY. When the campers walked out the door of the Dining Hall they were greeted by all types of fun activities!!! There was: Face Painting, Tattoos, Hair Coloring, Superman Climb Through (Blow-up), Rock Climbing, Tiger Jump House (Blow-up), and a large Blow-up Slide. Other activities involved a dance party, lots and lots of loud music and people enjoying all the conversations. Best of all there were snow cones, popcorn and lots of water. The temperature was very warm but I don’t think anyone noticed since they were having such a good time. At the end of the party Darren asked all campers to gather and sit together while everyone else sang “Happy Birthday” to them. To finish off the evening the counselors received gifts to give each camper once they went back to their rooms. This is an MP3 player with all of the songs and the drama presentation for the kids to listen to all year long! Such a great way to finish out the day!!!

Later Darren shared a story that one girl camper approached him at the birthday party and asked, "What is all this for?" Darren explained to her that it's Everyone's Birthday Party and it was for her and all the campers. He said the girl had a big grin on her face and ran off to play. It was clear to Darren that some kids come to camp having never had a birthday party as hard as that is to believe. It's a reality that hits hard but also warms your heart knowing that tonight a little girl went to bed with an MP3 player and feeling celebrated! That's a good birthday party!

These stories from our scribe warm my heart and I hope they encourage you as well. Sorry for the late night email but the Birthday Party came first!! :)


p.s. If you have not seen our previous emails from earlier this week, click here for our daily reports on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.


  • Praying for tomorrow's Royal Tea Party. We have a crew coming out to help so we are asking you to pray for their safe arrival.
  • Praying for our counselors - tonight ended a great day. They are tired but they all seem to be in a good mood. Praying for their final full day with the campers at camp.
  • Praying for no sickness!