Dear Prayer Partners,

The title of this email could simply be: "O Water, Where Are Thou..."

What if there was no. . .

WATER?!?!? Believe it or not. What do Camp Directors do when not one but two water lines break near camp, depriving all of us of life giving water? Panic, just a little, then begin a waiting game. It was during swim time and activity center time on Tuesday, so the damage was minimal, but shower time was looming. 

Now, we all know that the boys would probably not mind missing a shower, but the girls? No way. Bottled water appeared on the tables for dinner. Ms. Lisa, chief cook and bottle washer had a small advance notice, so had gathered water to finish cooking dinner. Yeah, Ms. Lisa!

Mr. Darren and Mr. Wes kept conferring, Mr. Wes (camp manager) kept contacting the city and we waited. While we waited, we were thankful that we had bottled water; it was not as hot today as it could have been; Ms. Lisa had water to cook dinner, but oh those dirty plates stacked up and waiting; campers were going to go swimming again tonight, so they could wash off a day’s worth of grime; except the girls were playing running games after they swam, so they were kind of stuck. There was little complaining about the lack of, um, facility usage. It would seem we have a lot of patient and understanding people at camp this week!

We were thankful that knowledgeable people were working on the problem and trying to get it fixed, and low and behold they did! A faucet was turned on and wonderful, cool, clean water ran out. We are most thankful for that. Crisis averted, everyone got to shower last night!!


We are continuing to enjoy the slightly cooler temps for an August camp. Today is a big day - it's Everyone's Birthday Party!! Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • Pray for those volunteers coming out to camp to help with the birthday party.
  • Continued prayers for the health and safety of everyone at camp.