Dear Prayer Partners,

One of the staff members who helps with fishing has become something of a prophet. More than once, when a disappointed camper’s counselor says it’s time to go, this staffer has encouraged him or her to cast one more time. “You’ll get one this time,” he says, and it often happens.

“Anna,” a camper in one of the dorm rooms, has been labeled as something of an “instigator,” especially at bedtime. However, when the situation calls for it, she steps up and shows an amazing amount of spiritual maturity. One night, a scary story caused two campers to break down in hysterical sobs. Anna’s younger sister was one of them, and Anna was asked to see if she could help. She took both girls by the hand and told them that they had nothing to fear because God was in every place on this campground and in every room. The next day an after-lunch discussion turned to what kinds of body piercings the girls would like to get. After a few minutes, Anna spoke up. “I don’t think God wants you to put all those things in your face because He made you perfect just like you are.”

One of the favorite activity centers among the girls is the hat station. The camper chooses a colorful hat and then decorates it with jewels, flowers, or whatever strikes her fancy. One camper made a sparkly purple hat, and only takes it off when she sleeps or swims. One of the male staffers admired it and said he sure would like to have one like it. She looked sad for a moment, and then she took it off and offered it to him. Needless to say, he refused and she still has it.

Today is everybody’s birthday, so in the dining hall this morning I wished a young camper Happy Birthday. I told him we were celebrating everyone’s birthday because we were so glad that God made him and he was special. He looked me in the eye and asked, “Why?” That stumped me, but I fell back the technique of answering a question with a question. “Why do you think you’re special?” “Because God made me?” Well, that was very circular. I asked him if he was fast, strong, good at sports, and he tentatively said yes. His counselor came to my rescue by saying, “He can sing, too.” When I told him that was a very special gift from God, he brightened a bit as if finally, he might believe just a little that he’s special.

Thank you for your prayers!



Thank you for praying for Anna, Beth, and Charlie. Your prayers are definitely felt; all three had a great day today, frequently seen smiling and laughing. Please continue to pray for them.

In addition, we have a sweet 8-year-old who struggles with anxiety and is extremely homesick. Tonight she took off running without care for her safety. Please pray that she has a wonderful day tomorrow and can make it through the remainder of camp.