Dear Prayer Partners,

We just completed "Everyone's Birthday Party" and it was a huge success. Thanks to all of the volunteers from Hope Fellowship who came out to put on this great party!

Here's a story I wanted to share. Grandpa John told various people he wanted to share with me what was on his heart about his first experience at RFKC.  What he shared should both inspire and ignite passion to serve the Lord wherever He puts us. 
Several months ago John and his wife, Nitja (Ni-juh), were watching the news on a Saturday morning at 6:30 am. All of a sudden they see a man (who he now knows was Darren) speaking in an interview . They were about to change the channel when Nitja says, “No, don’t change it. What’s this all about?” After watching the interview of Darren speaking about RFKC both John and Nitja IMMEDIATELY looked at each other and decided “let’s do this!”. They didn’t stop and wonder if they should, they just knew having complete peace that this was what the Lord wanted them to do. You can watch that interview here .
Fast forward to this week, by Tuesday afternoon Grandpa John was already blown away by what he was witnessing here at camp. His words to me were, “Oh my gosh, what an experience with a lifelong impact!” He proceeded to tell me what he has seen as a completely Holy Spirit filled and covered experience. From the wonderful volunteers to the kids themselves he can see God’s hand in every detail. He says it is “phenomenal how God has made it run so smoothly always making it interesting to the kids.” As for the kids, Grandpa John has been so touched by who they are. He said, “They are kids who despite what they’ve been through want to be normal.” 

Despite their many trust issues, with a little attention and care, they eventually warm up to him and become a best buddy for life.  As Grandpa John said it so perfectly, “We can see how Jesus wants to bring them into the fold using RFKC to do so.”
After Grandpa John and Grandma Nitja signed up to volunteer they shared with some friends who in turn said they are very interested also. Imagine once they go home and share their actual experiences here at camp what will happen next!  Maybe you will volunteer next year as well .

Thank you for your prayers!


PRAYER REQUESTS: This was a prayer we read at our staff meeting tonight:

"Prayers for protection for Satan's attacks. That each and every child that walks into this camp feels safe and protected."