Dear Prayer Partners,

Here are a couple of stories from camp that I wanted to share...

Being There
Counselor A had a camper who was deathly afraid of the water. During swim time, the camper never left the side of the pool. Counselor A simply talked and showed the camper that there was nothing of which to be afraid. He pointed out all the other kids swimming, the lifeguards available, if needed, but didn’t push. Counselor A spoke kindly and lovingly, encouraging the camper; never demanded or threatened.
Counselor A simply modeled Jesus to the camper. On Wednesday, Counselor A looked up and the camper was in the pool splashing around, happy as a lark. Don’t ever doubt that one or two moments at camp cannot change a child’s life!

(This story is intentionally generic. When I spoke with Counselor A, I was told that they didn’t want to be a hero, it was simply a camp moment.)

The B-I-B-L-E
On Tuesday night, Counselor Kimmy decided to read to "Jana" from the Children’s Bible that is given to campers their first trip to camp. Jana wasn’t sure she would be able to go to sleep, so Kimmy kept reading. She read the introduction to Genesis, and before she could get to Chapter 3, Jana was sound asleep. She told Kimmy on Wednesday morning that she slept soundly. She had a nightmare but slept through it and Kimmy’s alarm woke her up, not Jana.

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • Praying for the kids as they approach the end of the week. Some will start to shut down and act out. Praying for their counselors as well.
  • Tomorrow on Thursday we have special events for the girls (Royal Tea Party) and the boys (Dude Royals). Praying these go smoothly.
  • A big thanks to all our volunteers who came out to help put on the birthday party! It was a huge hit!