Dear Prayer Partners,

Family is not always about who shares your DNA, but the people in our lives that show us they genuinely care. This week can be emotionally challenging for some.

Thomas, a younger camper, was missing his mom all week. Tuesday night was especially difficult and during nighttime wind down he was missing his mom. The counselor was not able to console him fully. At this time, Thomas’s “roommates” (all 3 of them) huddled up and gave Thomas a group hug to help him feel better. After that Thomas was doing better.

Over at Canvas Bags one of our campers wanted all of the Teen Counselors to sign her bag because in her eyes they were all family.

During activities the boy campers got very excited when they found little frogs outside near the dinning hall. A camper named Samuel lead staff and campers to the small family of frogs. Samuel was enthusiastic about his knowledge of bugs, frogs, and other animals. Samuel let everyone know how much he enjoyed animals and all things nature.

One the youngest campers we will call "Sid" has captured everyone’s heart. He has a very sweet demeanor about him. Today he told his counselor his favorite activities at camp were swim time, outside time, and games that he and his “camp family” come up with in the dorms.

Tonight, at the camp “Birthday Party” one of the female counselors was handing out Micky Mouse ears headband to her group of girl campers and one of the girls did not want the ears. A male camper overheard the situation and asked if he could have the set of ears and the female counselor said yes. The camper wore them proudly and went into the jump house and said the following phrase, “Micky Mouse IN THE HOUSE!!!” This was a fun and playful moment that capture the atmosphere of “Everyone's Birthday Party”.

Thanks for your continued prayers.



  • Praying for the kids as they approach the end of the week. Some will start to shut down and act out. Praying for their counselors as well.
  • Tomorrow on Thursday we have special events for the girls (Royal Tea Party) and the boys (Royal Knights). Praying these go smoothly.
  • A big thanks to all our volunteers who came out to help put on the birthday party! It was a huge hit!